Najica Blitz Tactics

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Najica Blitz Tactics
Najica Blitz Tactics Vol 1.jpg
Volume 1 DVD Cover of Najica Blitz Tactics
(Najica Dengeki Sakusen)
Genre Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Anime television series
Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima
Studio Studio Fantasia
Network Television Kanagawa
English network
Original run October 4, 2001December 27, 2001
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Written by Takuya Tashiro
Published by Media Factory
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comic Flapper
Original run 20022003 (Presumed)
Volumes 3
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Najica Blitz Tactics (Japanese: ナジカ電撃作戦 Hepburn: Najika Dengeki Sakusen?) is an anime television series by Studio Fantasia.[1] It premiered across Japan between October 4, 2001 and December 27, 2001. The show is similar to that of Agent Aika—both being directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima and animated by Studio Fantasia—with much of the same content.

Though Najica was later adapted into a manga by Takuya Tashiro (田代 琢也 Tashiro Takuya?), the majority of the difference in content were in the context of the missions and especially the ending.


Najica Hiiragi is a noted perfumer for CRI Cosmetics, famous for being able to identify over 500 scents. As the series began, she is struggling to finish "The Day Series" (a series of scents modeled after the days of the week), trying to find the perfect scent for the final perfume, "Sunday".

Secretly however, Najica is actually a field agent for CRI's Intelligence Bureau, an agency unknown to the public (and even to most of its own employees for the sake of their own protection). She is an expert markswoman with her preferred weapon; the Stechkin APS, an old Russian firearm with selective fire (auto and semi-auto) and a wooden holster that doubles as a shoulder stock. The twenty-round magazine is loaded with non-lethal plastic bullets.

Najica is also an expert helicopter pilot, and she has a custom-modified Mil Mi-35 Hind assault helicopter with remote control and advanced avionics.

Najica's first mission in the narrative is to recover a Humaritt (android) codenamed "ZZZ" and referred to as "Lila", Najica becomes suspicious when CRI Intelligence is contracted by Shinba Industrial to recover more lost and possibly rogue Humaritts; especially since most of them are in the hands of criminals, revolutionaries, guerrillas or terrorist groups. Her suspicions increase when Lila is assigned to be her partner, even though Najica insists she be allowed to continue working alone. As time goes on however, Najica begins to trust Lila, even if Lila's lack of social graces make her wince. Soon however the two's bond is tested when they face the creator of the Humaritts and her ultimate plan.[citation needed]


  • Najica Hiiragi (柊 七虹香(ひいらぎ なじか?),[2] (Voiced by: Yumi Toma (Japanese), Kira Vincent-Davis (English)) the title character, is a world-class perfume maker by day and a special agent for C.R.I.[3] She works to develop cosmetics with her assistant Kirala as well as partake in missions given to her by the company. All of her missions are received with a single rose.
  • Lila (リラ?)[2] (Voiced by: Juri Ihata (Japanese), Monica Rial (English))[3] is a gynoid known as a Humaritt who was rescued from a bisexual countess. She becomes Najica's partner for the series. Although at first, her lack of social grace irritates Najica, the two eventually care for one another.
  • Jin Majima (間島 甚(まじま じん)?)[2] (Voiced by: Iemasa Kayumi (Japanese), Mike Kleinhenz (English)) is the C.R.I. head and Najica's commander. Jin is usually seen with Gento during a mission briefing.
  • Shinobu Misato (美郷 偲(みさと しのぶ) Misato Shinbou?)[2] (Voiced by: Asako Momo (Japanese), Kim Prause (English)) is a brown-haired secretary working for the C.R.I.
  • Rena Uzuki (海槻 玲奈(うづき れいな) Uzuki Rena?)[2] (Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese), Melissa Williams (English)) is a green-haired secretary working for the C.R.I.
  • Gento Kuraku (玖洛 玄人(くらく げんと) Kuraku Gento?)[2] (Voiced by: Unshou Ishizuka (Japanese), Andy McAvin (English)) is often Najica's informant when it comes to missions involving Humaritts. He is in love with her and tries to ask her out, or hit on her, often.
  • Kirara Mitsuhoshi (御津星 キララ(みつぼし きらら) Mitsuhoshi Kirara ?)[2] (Voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese), Mandy Clark (English)) is Najica's assistant. She is currently working with her to perfect "The Day Series" of perfumes.

Theme music[edit]

Opening theme
"Najica", by Diligent Circle of Ekoda
Ending theme
"Body & Mind", by Natsumi Harada

Episode list[edit]

No. Title[4] Original airdate
1 "A Magnificent Secret Agent with a Rose in her Hand"
"Karei naru ejiento ha ichirin no bara to tomoni" (華麗なるエージェントは一輪の薔薇と共に) 
October 5, 2001
Najica Hiiragi wraps up target practice and is summoned to her next mission with a single rose. There, she infiltrates a mansion to rescue a girl from a countess. Back at the city, Najica is a renowned perfumer at the CRI. She is summoned again by her boss and is hinted that she will have a new partner. At home, she discovers the girl that she rescued is in her room. 
2 "A Pretty Partner with a Gun in her Hands"
"Karei na patona ha utsukushi ki dangan to tomoni" (華麗なパートナーは美しき弾丸と共に) 
October 12, 2001
The mysterious girl is named Lila and she is to be Najica's new partner. Lila is a gynoid known as a Humaritt. Their first mission together is to stop the assassination of a judge's daughter at an amusement park. 
3 "Ugly Relics in the Jet Black Darkness"
"Shūaku naru ibutsu ha shikkoku no yami to tomoni" (醜悪なる遺物は漆黒の闇と共に) 
October 19, 2001
In order to stop businessman Todd McCormick from selling a recently reactivated laser satellite which has been destroying things like military bases, Najica and Lila befriend McCormick as sisters but later infiltrate his aviation museum and must deal with their female guards. The mission is updated to include the recovery of a Humaritt. 
4 "The Fictitious Star with a Sweet Trap-like Perfume"
"Itsuwari no hoshi (suta) ha amai wana no kaori to tomoni" (偽りの星(スター)は甘い罠の香りと共に) 
October 26, 2001
Najica's next mission is to investigate a Japanese idol group called the 4C'zNs as one of its members is suspected of being a Humaritt. Lila pretends to be a new idol, and tries to scan the girls to see if they have the serial numbers indicative of a Humaritt. However, it proves difficult as the girls act the same, leading them to wonder if they might all be Humaritts. When the girls capture Lila, Najica rescues her but as they chase down the girls, they discover that they don't have the special markings and that their manager is the true Humaritt. 
5 "A Crimson Horizon Appears with an Empty Dream"
"Shinku ni soma ru suiheisen hahakanaki yume to tomoni" (真紅に染まる水平線ははかなき夢と共に) 
November 2, 2001
Najica and Lila are tasked to go after Ricardo Kidel who has purchased a nuclear missile in the black market with hopes of staging a coup in another country. The mission also involves recovering another Humaritt. Najica is attacked by a sniper named Koharu.. The girls board the ship and then a submarine which carries the missile. They capture Koharu, and blow up the sub, sending the missile to fly uselessly into the ocean. 
6 "The Beautiful Eye of the Wild Beast Appears with the Shadow of Loneliness"
"Utsukushi ki yajū no hitomi ha kodoku no kage to tomoni" (美しき野獣の瞳は孤独の影と共に) 
November 9, 2001
Najica and Lila must recover an extremely strong combat Humaritt that does not have a master before an enemy militia does. 
7 "The Bullet of Murderous Intent Appears with a Dry Smile"
"Satsui no dangan ha kawai ta hohoemi to tomoni" (殺意の弾丸は乾いた微笑みと共に) 
November 16, 2001
While Lila recovers from her injuries, Najica must recover a teenage math genius who is trying to escape from government agents. 
8 "The Sky of the Desire Appears with the Flame by the Battle"
"Yokubō no sora ha tatakai uzumaki ku honoo to tomoni" (欲望の空は戦い渦巻く炎と共に) 
November 23, 2001
Najica and Lila work as models for at a weapons aircraft event in order to look for a shady weapons dealer with a Humaritt named Tony. Their modeling takes publicity from a jealous company executive and his daughter. However, Tony later appears to steal that company's fighter plane, using the daughter as a hostage. Tony and Najica face each other in a dogfight, while Lila raids the dealer's ship. 
9 "A Brave Lion in the Desert Appears with the Goddess of the Destiny"
"Isami sō naru sabaku no shishi ha megami to tomoni" (勇壮なる砂漠の獅子は女神と共に) 
November 30, 2001
Najica and Liia travel to a country run by a ruthless queen to recover a Humaritt from a rebel militia group led by the queen's daughter. 
10 "The Terminal Station of the Fight Appears with Dangerous Love"
"Tatakai no shūchakueki ha kiken na ai to tomoni" (闘いの終着駅は危険な愛と共に) 
December 7, 2001
Ninja-like girls tack down a couple on a train trip through the forest and it is up to Najica to protect them before it is too late. 
11 "The Sad Parting Mission with Girl's Sincerity"
"Sekibetsu no misshon wo shōjo nomagokoroto tomoni" (惜別のミッションを少女のまごころと共に) 
December 14, 2001
Najica must recover a young male Humaritt from another Humaritt named X. 
12 "A Splendid Agent has the Rose of the Encounter in the Mind"
"Karei naru ejiento ha kaikō no bara wo kokoro ni" (華麗なるエージェントは邂逅の薔薇を心に) 
December 28, 2001
The creator of the Humaritts comes forth and explain the reason she created them. 



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