Najmiddin Jalolov

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Najmiddin Jalolov (a.k.a. Yakh’yo or Yahya) was the leader of the Jama'at al-Jihad al-Islami (Islamic Jihad Union), a militant organization affiliated with Al Qaeda that operates in Central Asia, Russia ad Western Europe.

Early life[edit]

Jalolov was born on 1 April 1972 in the Adijan region of Uzbekistan. He trained in mines and explosives at al Qaida camps and participated in operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan on the Taliban side.[1]

Terror activities[edit]

Jalolov was a former member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), another organization affiliated with Al Qaeda.[2] Uzbek courts found Jalolov guilty of terrorism in absentia in 2000.[2] He left IMU around 2000 and took part in Islamic Jihad Union.[1]

Jalolov was tied to Taliban leader Mohammad Omar, Uyghur militant Abu Mohammad, and Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.[2] In 2004, he ordered the attacks on the US Embassy and the Israeli Embassy in Tashkent.[1]


Jalolov was killed in a U.S. Predator drone strike on 14 September 2009.[3]


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