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Ayatullah Najmul Millat

Ayatullah 'Najm al-Ḥasan (Arabic: نجم الحسن‎), popularly known as Najmul Millat or Najmul Ulama, (25 May 1863 to 18 April 1938)[1] was a top faqīh (Islamic jurist) and the founder of Jamia Nazmia, the oldest Shia religious institution of India. He trained several Ulama such as Syed Sibte Hasan Naqvi, Farman Ali, Mohammad Haroon, Mohammad Dawood, Kifayat Hussain, Adeel Akhtar, and Jaffer Hussain. They all did Mumtazul Afazil from Jamia Nazmia.

Najmul Millat was born on 25 May 1863 (6th Dhu'l Hijjah 1279) to Akbar Hussain of Amroha. He was a favorite disciple and son-in-law of Mufti Syed Mohammad Abbas. Mufti Mohammad Abbas wrote more than 300 books. Najmul Millat studied all the higher faculties, including fiqh and Uṣūl al-fiqh in India under his guidance.[2]

Najmul Millat was a contemporary of Ziauddin al-Iraqi, Kazim Tabatabai Yazdi and Abul Hasan Isfehani. He was a Faqih of the highest rank and trained several Ulama like Sibte Hasan, Adeel Akhtar and Kitayat Husain.[3] He will always be remembered for his services to the Islam of Tibet, Burma, Africa and countries in the West rendered through the missionaries trained in his Jamia Nazmia. He wrote several books.

Najmul Millat died on 18 April 1938 (17th Safar 1351). He had two sons, Shams-ul-Ulama Syed Mohammad (author of "Islam in the Light of Shiism") and Kazim. Mohammad was the founder of Madrasatul Waizeen. He had two sons - Taj-ul-Ulama Maulana Syed Mohd Zaki and Mohd Razi. Kazim also had two sons - the translators Mohammad Sadiq and Mohammad Mohsin. Jawad Husain Abidi (Mumtazul Afazil from Jamia Nazmia) was the son-in-law of Najmul Millat. Nasir Husain Abidi was the son of Jawad Husain.

Najmul Millat's great grandson Ayatullah Syed Hamidul Hasan is the Principal of Jamia Nazmia and great-great-grandson Faridul Hasan, the principal of Nazmia Arabic College.[4]


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