Nakagusuku Castle

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Nakagusuku Castle
Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa
Nakagusuku Castle40n3104.jpg
Ruins of Nakagusuku Castle (west district)
Type Gusuku
Site information
Controlled by Ryūkyū Kingdom (1440–1879), Japan (1879–present)
Open to
the public
Condition Ruins
Site history
Built around 1440
Built by Gosamaru
In use early 1440-1611
Materials Ryūkyūan limestone, wood
Battles/wars Attacked by Amawari (1458)
Garrison information
Occupants Gosamaru, Aji of Nakagusuku Magiri

Nakagusuku Castle (中城城 Nakagusuku-jō?) is a gusuku in the village of Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It is one of a number of castles built on the island of Okinawa during the Ryukyu Kingdom now in ruins. The legendary Ryukyuan commander, Gosamaru, built the fortress in the early 15th century to defend against attacks from the east by Lord Amawari of Katsuren Castle. Amawari attacked the castle in 1458 and defeated Gosamaru shortly before his own castle was attacked by Uni-Ufugusuku. The six courtyards of this fortress with stacked stone walls make it a prime example of a gusuku. It was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000. It is regarded as one of the 100 most famous castles in Japan.[1]


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