Naked Childhood

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Naked Childhood
Directed by Maurice Pialat
Produced by Claude Berri, Francois Truffaut, et al
Written by Arlette Langmann
Maurice Pialat
Starring Raoul Billerey
Maurice Coussonneau
Pierrette Deplanque
Linda Gutemberg
Cinematography Claude Beausoleil
Release dates
22 January 1969
Running time
83 minutes
Country France
Language French

Naked Childhood (French: L'Enfance nue) is a 1968 French film. It was the feature-length debut of director Maurice Pialat, and was written by Pialat and Arlette Langmann. François Truffaut was one of the film's producers.


The film won the Prix Jean Vigo in 1969.

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