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Naked Wines
Industry Wine
Founded 2008
Founder Rowan Gormley

Naked Wines is an online wine retailer founded by Rowan Gormley which launched in the UK on 1 December 2008.[1][2][3] [4]

Naked Wines' customers (called Angels) fund independent winemakers from around the world, in return for wines at wholesale prices.[5] They currently ship wine throughout the UK, the USA and Australia.

They were named the Online Business of the Year at the National Business Awards in 2011 - and in December 2013 were named one of the top 1000 companies to inspire Britain by the London Stock Exchange Group, winning the 'Top Online Retailer' award.

In 10 April 2015, Naked Wines was acquired by Majestic Wine and Rowan Gormley was appointed CEO of the enlarged group.[6]

Naked Fine Wine Bond[edit]

In September 2013, they launched a financial bond to raise funds for fine wines - raising £5 million in a month. The Naked Fine Wine Bond offered consumers 7% gross in cash interest p.a. or 10% gross in Wine Credits p.a. (a credit to their Naked Wines account). [7]


In March 2010, Naked Wines rolled out its Airline Pricing model [8] at the 2010 London International Wine Fair which it named Advance Bookings. The model, which offers customers huge savings by ordering their wine in advance is segregated into 5 periods where they can buy it, it being cheaper the sooner its bought [9] and is powered by huge investment from Naked Wines backed by its customers.[10][11]

This model was then changed to accommodate a more directed approach in the form of MarketPlace. This system allows one Naked Winemaker a week to pitch his wine to the Naked Wines customer base at a discounted price. The consumer then chooses if he or she wants to bid on the wine or not, and once it exceeds a minimum volume the deal is on and the wines will be shipped no matter what, but there is a maximum that can still be reached of pre orders. Like in Advance Bookings, the wine isn't delivered the next day, but at a pre determined date some time in the near future. Naked Wines takes a commission of 10% in this process.[12]

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