Moving Target (2011 film)

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Moving Target
Directed by Mark Tierney
Produced by Jerome Scott
Written by Jeremy Henman
Starring Michael Greco
Jake Maskal
Steven Berkoff
Meredith Ostrom
Nick Townsend
Paul McGann
Mark Rathbone
Duncan Bannatyne
Lou Doillon
Colin Salmon
Release dates 2011
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Moving Target is a 2011 British thriller, from director Mark Tierney. The film was formerly known as Naked in London.

Set on the hottest day of the year in London it follows the character Steve Lynch in an afternoon full of explosive situations.


On the hottest day of a sweltering London summer, Steve Lynch must repay a £1,000,000 loan by 5pm, or lose everything he has ever worked for. An outrageous wager offers him a solution: run from North to South West London in less than two hours. But the events and people he encounters along the way will change his life forever.


NIL is set in London on a bank holiday that also happens to be the hottest day of the year (in real life usually in late July, early August). The film was partly inspired by the summer of 2003, which had record breaking sunshine.



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