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Church of Assumption of Holy Virgin in Naliboki

Naliboki (Belarusian: Налібокі, Russian: Налибоки, Polish: Naliboki) is a village in Minsk Region, in western Belarus.

During the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ithe village belonged to the family of the Radziwiłł magnates. Since 1722 the village was the home of a renowned glass factory founded by Anna Radziwiłł, closed in 1862.

In 1919 a battle of the Polish-Soviet war occurred nearby. Naliboki was part of the Second Polish Republic throughout the interwar period. Following the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, it was occupied by the Soviet Army. During World War II, the Jewish population of Naliboki was massacred by the Germans, while the Polish population was massacred by the Soviet partisans on May 9, 1943 (see the Naliboki massacre).[1]

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Coordinates: 53°45′47″N 26°28′31″E / 53.76306°N 26.47528°E / 53.76306; 26.47528