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This article is about the Nambour and Gympie North railway line, which is the existing Sunshine Coast Citytrain service. For the proposed railway to Maroochydore, Queensland (CAMCOS), see Maroochydore railway line.
Nambour and Gympie North line
Termini Roma Street
Gympie North
Line length 180 km (110 mi)
Track length 172.21 km (107.01 mi)
Track gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Operating speed 60 km/h (37 mph)

The Nambour and Gympie North railway line (also known as the Sunshine Coast Line) refers to the section of the North Coast line that has regular interurban passenger services, which connect Brisbane Queensland, Australia with the Sunshine Coast and Gympie. It is the longest line of the Citytrain network.


The Nambour and Gympie North services utilise the Caboolture line to Caboolture, then the North Coast line to Nambour and Gympie. The line consists of four tracks from Roma Street to Northgate, then three tracks to Lawnton, allowing the Nambour and Gympie North express services to pass the local Caboolture services. The line is then double track to Beerburrum.

North of Beerburrum, the line is single track with passing loops at most stations. Due to the rapidly rising population on the Sunshine Coast and in hinterland towns, the annual compounded growth rate for morning peak passenger numbers on the line north of Caboolture is six per cent, second only to the 7.1 per cent figure for the Gold Coast Line south of Beenleigh. Due to shared traffic with Traveltrain and freight services, interurban services north of Caboolture are limited during the off-peak. As a result, additional rail-bus services operate between Caboolture and Nambour in the weekday off-peak, supplementing the train services. There are now three daily return Citytrain services between Brisbane and Gympie North, the third via the Bundaberg Tilt Train in a six-month trial.[1]


In 2001, the Queensland Government started a study for the need to upgrade the North Coast Line between Caboolture and Landsborough. On 29 August 2005, the first stage of the duplication between Caboolture and Beerburrum was approved.[2]. The second stage between Beerburrum and Landsborough was approved on 14 August 2006, but work is yet to start.[3] Construction of the first stage to Beerburrum started mid-2007 and was commissioned on 14 April 2009.

The realignment to Beerburrum is straighter, especially beyond Elimbah, and trains can operate at higher speeds. The upgrade retained the original straight section of track, creating a refuge line between Caboolture and Elimbah. This enables freight trains operating on the line to be held there, avoiding delay to the interurban and suburban passenger services. Two upgraded stations have been built at Elimbah and Beerburrum.

The second stage between Beerburrum and Landsborough is currently in the concept stage, with no construction nor completion dates at present.[2]

There is currently a study into duplicating and straightening the line between Landsbrough and Nambour. It is proposed that two new tunnels and four upgraded stations (Mooloolah, Eudlo, Palmwoods and Woombye) will be constructed.[3]

Rail Upgrade Campaign History[edit]

There is an active public campaign to bring forward the promised rail duplication from Beerburrum to Landsborough, and then onto Nambour. The current timeframe for completion time of these works is to Landsborough by 2021, and to Nambour by 2031. These timelines were proposed by the former State government and are currently quoted by the new State government.

Line guide and services[edit]

All peak, off-peak and most weekend train services between Brisbane and Nambour run express between Caboolture and Northgate stations, stopping at Petrie station in the off-peak. Trains between Gympie North and Brisbane run express between Caboolture and Bowen Hills station.[4] Counter-Peak trains and a few selected weekend train services operate as a shuttle between Nambour and Caboolture only, with connecting train services to and/from the City at Caboolture station.

Due to the lack of track capacity between Beerburrum and Nambour, Kangaroo Bus Lines operates weekday off-peak Railbus shuttles between Nambour Station and Caboolture station in addition to the off-peak train services.

Passengers for/from the Caboolture line change at either Caboolture, Petrie or Northgate, Shorncliffe line at Northgate, Airport and Doomben change at Eagle Junction and Ferny Grove lines change at Bowen Hills, and all other lines at Central.

Passengers for Traveston are to board the lead carriage of the Gympie North train, and Passengers for Eudlo are to board the first three cars of any train, due to shorter than normal platforms. Temporary platform extensions were opened at Mooloolah, Eudlo, Palmwoods and Woombye stations in December 2009, and at Eumundi, Pomona and Cooran stations in January 2010, enabling passengers to board on any carriage (except Eudlo) at the majority of stations north of Landsborough. These platforms were designed to last 12-18 months, with the plywood deck requiring replacement every 12 months. "The platforms are a short-term solution and should be removed within 12 to 18 months and replaced with a permanent platform," according to a 4th December 2009 Ministerial briefing by Queensland Rail. The initial setup cost was on average, $65,000 per location. Total cost was $3,000,000 which included 18 months rent for scaffolding. This charge for scaffolding is ongoing while Queensland Rail delays a decision about installing permanent platforms at these seven locations. [5] [6]

Nambour and Gympie North railway line
showing distance from Central, ticket zone, and connecting or nearby bus services
Beenleigh, Cleveland, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Rosewood, Tennyson lines
Exhibition line
0.8 km Roma Street(1) See Roma Street railway station
0.0 km CENTRAL(1) See Adelaide Street Bus Mall
1.3 km Fortitude Valley(1) See Fortitude Valley railway station
Exhibition line
2.7 km Bowen Hills(1) 301, 310, 315, 320, 393
Follows Caboolture line
9.9 km Northgate(2/3) 306, 307
Follows Caboolture line
27.4 km Petrie(6) 675, 680, 681, 682
Follows Caboolture line
49.6 km Caboolture(8) 640, 649, 652, 653, 654, 655, 662
Wamuran line (disused)
58.6 km Elimbah(9/10) 649
64.6 km Beerburrum(10) 649
71.8 km Glasshouse Mountains(11) 649
76.9 km Beerwah(12) 649, Australia Zoo bus
Maroochydore Line (proposed)
82.5 km Landsborough(13) 605, 615, 649
Dularcha National Park
87.5 km Mooloolah(14) 649
92.7 km Eudlo(15) 649
97.3 km Palmwoods(16) 639, 649
100.7 km Woombye(17) 610, 636, 639, 649
104.8 km Nambour(17) 602, 610, 630, 631, 636, 639, 649
Maroochy River
112.7 km Yandina(19) 631
Bruce Highway
122.5 km Eumundi(21) 630, 631
130.9 km Cooroy(22) 631, 632
139.9 km Pomona(23) 632
145.5 km Cooran(23) 632
150.3 km Traveston(23)
Mary Valley Heritage Railway to Imbil
172.2 km GYMPIE NORTH(23) Gympie Courtesy Bus
North Coast Line to Cairns


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