Namibian Black German

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Namibian Black German
Native to Namibia
Native speakers
German-based pidgin
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Namibian Black German (German: Küchendeutsch, "kitchen German") is a pidgin language spoken in various parts of Namibia based on standard German.[1]

Namibian Black German is near extinction. It was spoken mostly by Africans who served their colonial masters when Namibia was known as German South-West Africa but who did not learn standard German.

Example sentences and standard German equivalents:

  • Lange nicht sehen - long no see (: "Lange nicht gesehen")
  • Was Banane kosten? - What cost banana? ("Was kostet die/eine Banane?")
  • spät Uhr - 'late clock', meaning 'it's late' ("es ist spät")
  • Herr fahren Jagd, nicht Haus - "Master go hunt, not house", meaning "The man went hunting, and is not at home." ("Der Herr ist zur Jagd gefahren und ist nicht zu Hause")

Today, speakers of Namibian Black German usually also speak German, Afrikaans or English.


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