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Haluk Baskinci (born Namik Haluk Baskinci, November 25, 1957 – June 28, 1995) was a Turkish architect, engineer and musician.

University years[edit]

After succeeding in the State University Emplacement Test, Haluk attended the Galatasaray Mühendislik Yüksek Okulu (Engineering University of Galatasaray) in Istanbul in 1975. During his time at the university, he sympathized with Communism and Socialism. While Turkey was heading to an inevitable political crisis, which collapsed in the 1980 Turkish coup d'état|12 September Coup in 1980, Haluk became active in several political student organizations such as DevSol ("The Revolutionary Left") and Dev-Yol ("The Revolutionary Path"). Unfotunately, apart from his active role as editor for various pamphlets against the then-government, it is less known about his position in these organizations.

Personal life[edit]

During the summer of 1976, Haluk met his future wife Sevinç Büyükçay (born September 6, 1959). She was raised in Germany and remained there until their wedding on April 18, 1981. After marrying Sevinç, Haluk had to attend his military service in Kars in 1983, where he accidentally was struck by a lighting while repairing a telephone booth. After he had been reanimated, he had to spend several months in the military hospital of Erzurum before he was released from the Army and was sent back home. Until his death in 1995, he suffered from a very heavy form of epillepsy. Though it was strictly forbidden to him to drink alcohol, he started using it as a form of medication to elude seizures and got addicted to it.

He opened his first company "ToBa" in the early 1980s, collaborating with his former friend, whose surname's "To" (Toprak) was used in the company's name alongside Baskıncı's "Ba". Even though, the company has changed its format during the 1980s, which consequently lead to the dismissal of his former partner, the company's name remained the same. Haluk then collaborated with his brother-in-law Timur Büyükçay- a computer programmer and IT-Specialist until 1993. Timur founded his own IT-company "pro.sis" in 1993 and opted out of "ToBa". Haluk's marriage, though, started more promising than it has ended. Because of many heavy discrepancies with Sevinç, the couple separated in 1993 and eventually got divorced in 1995. Their daughter, their only child, Dilara (*June 13, 1984) abode with Haluk until his death in 1995 and then moved to her mother Sevinç, who had already gone back to Germany. They both still live in Germany.


Haluk died on June 28, 1995 as the victim of a murder. Very little is known about the circumstances of his death. He was found dead in his apartment by his sister Süheyla and one of his friends. Haluk was stabbed to death, and his murderer remains unknown.