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Namoluk is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Namoluk Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
NASA picture of Namoluk Atoll

Namoluk is an atoll and municipality in the state of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia.[1]

It is the smallest atoll in Micronesia, with a surface of only 13 km².[2] Namoluk is part of the Eastern Islands or Upper Mortlock Islands group, located about 185 km to the SE of Chuuk and 50 km NW of Etal Atoll.[3]


  • Namoluk, located in the NW corner of the atoll, is the main island with 31 ha. Nowadays it is the only inhabited island[4] and has three villages:
    • Saponwell in the NW
    • Lukolap in the center
    • Pukos in the SE

Other islands:

  • Luken 1.5 ha
  • Toinom 21 ha
  • Umap 1.5 ha
  • Ameas located in the SE corner, 28 ha, inhabited until the 1930s, when an epidemic decimated the population. It was never resettled except for a single family. The largest islands have taro fields.[5]


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Coordinates: 5°55′22″N 153°07′01″E / 5.9229°N 153.1169°E / 5.9229; 153.1169