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Khao Soi Dao Waterfall (Thai: น้ำตกเขาสอยดาว; RTGS: Nam Tok Khao Soi Dao) is a waterfall in the Soi Dao District of Chanthaburi Province, Thailand. It is 70 km from the town of Chanthaburi.[1] The easy way to get to this waterfall, if you have a car is to go ahead from the city on Route 317 through Makham District and Pong Nam Ron District.At km 62 you should turn left and go ahead 3 km.[2] This waterfall is open from 06.00Am to 06.00Pm. The most popular attraction at the falls is nature trails because there is a huge tree of 4.77 metersdiameter.[3] The waterfall has 16tiers createdby multi-level stone cliffs which gives the impression of a giant stair. At the bottom is a vast pool with shallow water. The popular tier is tier 16 because this tier has a lot of moss on the stone. It feel fresh and is suitable for capturing. This tier is named “Phanangleun” [4] Pha Nang Leun mean “Mrs. Slippery cliff” because the careless traveler can slip on the moss on a stone when he walks through. The source of the waterfall is near the Peak of KhaoSoi Dao Nua Mountain at 1,556 meter above sea level.[5]



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