Nan-ao, Yilan

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Nan-ao Township in Yilan County
Nan-ao Township

Nan-ao Township (Chinese: 南澳鄉; pinyin: Nán'ào Xiāng) is a rural township in the southern part of Yilan County, Taiwan. It is the largest township in Yilan County.


The township was the site of the Sayun incident during Japanese rule, made famous through the movie Sayon's Bell, and was formerly classified as "Savage Land" under Taihoku Prefecture during Japanese rule.


It has a significant population of Atayal aborigines.

Nan-ao Township contains part of the mountainous terrain of the Central Mountain Range.

  • Area: 740.65 km²
  • Population: 5,912 people in 1871 households (January 2014)

Administrative divisions[edit]

Nanao is divided into seven villages (from north to south):[1]

  • Dongyue
  • Nan'ao
  • Biho
  • Jinyue
  • Wuta
  • Jinyang
  • Aohua

Tourist attractions[edit]


Nan-ao is served by the North-Link Line of Taiwan Railway Administration at four stations: Dong-ao Station, Hanben Station, and Wuta Station.

Taiwan Highway 9 passes through Nan-ao. Between Su-ao and Hualien, to the south, this road is known as the Suhua Highway (蘇花公路), and it features some of the most dramatic oceanside scenery in Taiwan.

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Coordinates: 24°28′N 121°48′E / 24.467°N 121.800°E / 24.467; 121.800