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This article is about the Japanese gravure idol Nana Ozaki. For 20th-century Japanese actress Nana Ozaki, see Nana Ozaki (actress). Also, do not confuse her with manga heroine Nana Osaki.

Nana Ozaki (尾崎ナナ Ozaki Nana?, born September 12, 1982) is a Japanese gravure idol.[1] She is represented by talent agency Fang. She is from Osaka and interested in tennis, long-distance track events and Western popular music.

She worked with talent agency Artist Box until December 28, 2007.


  • Nickname: Nothing (Nana)
  • Profession: 'Gravure idol' (Japanese term: swimsuit/bikini model)
  • Date of Birth: 12 September 1982
  • Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
  • Height: 163 cm (5 feet and 4.2 inches)
  • Measurements: B86 W58 H85 cm (B33.9 W22.8 H33.5 inches)
  • Talent Agency: Fang



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TV Programs[edit]


  • Desearter Aoi Zetsubo (デザーター 青い絶望)
  • Desearter Akai Kibo (デザーター 赤い希望)
  • Gambare Bokura no Gura-dol Heroine (~がんばれ僕らの~グラドルヒロイン エスピリオン)

Image DVDs[edit]

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