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Nancy Álvarez
Born 10 October 1951
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Occupation Talk show host

Nancy Álvarez (1951) is a Dominican Republic television personality who, as a psychologist, sexologist and family therapist, is best known for hosting the talk show ¿Quién Tiene La Razón? [Who's Right?]. She has also had a career as a singer and entertainer, starting in the 1970s and resuming in the 2000s.


Álvarez began her professional career as a performer at the age of 15 and soon became the lead singer with Michel Camilo's band, an international group which toured in the 1970s.[1]

By the 1980s, following her studies, she began a new career a television producer and host, specializing in personal and family relationships and sex therapy. Among the number of programs she produced was Only for Adults [Solo para Adultos] (1985–89) and the section Prohibido [Forbidden] which, for four years, was a part of the show 100 Grados [100 Degrees]. Her other productions included the educational program Bloque de Fuego [Fire Block] for which she received several awards, Nancy en Especial and El Alma Desnuda de los Famosos [The Naked Soul of Celebrities]. ¿Quién Tiene La Razón?, her most recent program, produced by Venevisión International, has been broadcast by Univision.

Nancy Álvarez is also a writer, frequently contributing to several newspapers in Santo Domingo and Colombia. She started writing for the El Nacional in 1995, subsequenrly contributing articles to Listín Diario and Ultima Hora. In 1997, she began writing a column for Hoy and El Nacional. Among her professional activities has been service as vice-president of the Center of Clinical and Industrial Psychology. She is also the president of Psychology and Sexuality Counselors, Inc. and has devoted time for private counseling.

In 2005, Nancy Álvarez decided to return to the musical stage, without leaving her career as a sexologist, and thus created a unique performance, educating her audience in matters of sex and, at the same time, performing related songs. She started presenting these stand-up musical performances in Puerto Rico and the shows have continued to be presented throughout the world, receiving highly positive reviews New York, Miami, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Her partner in the show is the Puerto Rican singer and composer Lou Briel, performing as singer and musical director. The most recent title for the show has been Sólo para Hombres... y también para Mujeres.

In 2008 Nancy participated as one of the guest speakers in the motivational conference Puedes Llegar a project created by Alberto Sardinas

In 2009 Nancy underwent multiple plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Anire Okpaku, a Miami-based plastic surgeon.[2]

Academic achievements[edit]

Nancy Álvarez has received a number of degrees throughout her career:

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