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Nancy Dupree
Nancy Dupree speaking in 2012.jpg
Nancy Hatch Dupree giving a speech during the International Architectural Ideas Competition at the National Museum of Afghanistan in September 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan
Born United States
Nationality American and Afghan
Occupation Administrator
Title Director of the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University
Successor Incumbent

Nancy Hatch Duprée (1920s) is the Director of the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University in Afghanistan and author of five books that she compiled while studying the history of Afghanistan from 1962 until the late 1970s. She first arrived in Afghanistan in 1962 as a diplomat's wife. Several years later, she met Louis Duprée, who was a renowned archaeologist and scholar of Afghan culture and history. The two fell in love and got married after divorcing their former spouses.[1] The husband and wife team from the United States worked together for 15 years in Kabul, collecting as many works written about Afghanistan as they could. They have travelled all across the country to conduct archaeological excavations in their Land Rover truck.

Louis and Nancy Hatch DupreeFoundation

In the year 2007, Nancy Hatch Dupree has established an organization by the name of  Louis and Nancy Hatch Dupree Foundation. It is an charitable organization that will promote the scientific studies and will raise awareness about the history and culture of Afghanistan.In addition this organization will also preserve the Afghani cultural heritage.The organization primary goal is to ensure the sustainability of the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University(ACKU). Programs offer Afghans from all walks of life, especially the youth,incentives to acquire and employ information that will help them address the challenges of rebuilding their nation.

Board of Directors and Advisory Council of the Foundation.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Andrew H. Brimmer, Chair Ellen K. Jorgensen, Treasurer Sarah O’Hagan, Secretary Robert J. Breen Sandra Cook Peter B. De Neufville Ashraf GhaniM. Ashraf HaidariSheila M. PlattDavid RohdeJ. Alexander ThierMary Anne Schwalbe, Chair Emerita (deceased)

ADVISORY COUNCIL Ambassador Theodore L. Eliot, Jr., Convener George Biddle Ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi John A. Gastright, Jr.Ambassador Said T. Jawad Tony Kushner Spozhmai Maiwandi Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann Ambassador Nicholas Platt Mary Anne Weaver Catherine W. Wilkinson

STAFF Laura J.Marks, Executive Director

Success of the organization:  The organization has been able to achieve its overall goal by purchasing books and providing them to the schools in some part of Afghanistan that has never had any library. Due to the instability the organization have not been able to achieve all of its goals as an active NGO. On the following link you can watch a video of distribution of the books:


  • A Historical Guide to Afghanistan (1972)
  • An Historical Guide to Kabul
  • A Guide to the National Museum


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