Nandi County

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Nandi County
Location of Nandi County (Green)
Location of Nandi County (Green)
Country  Kenya
Formed March 4th 2013
Capital Kapsabet
 • Governor Dr.Cleophas Lagat
 • Total 2,884.5 km2 (1,113.7 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 752,965 [1]
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Nandi County, earlier a part of Rift Valley Province, is a county based in Kenya. Its capital, Kapsabet, is the largest town in the county. According to a 2009 census, the county has a population of 752,965 [2]

The county's major area is covered by the Nandi Hills. Although there are number of tribal communities in Nandi, the majority of the people belong to the native tribe called Nandi.

Nandi County Profile[edit]

Map of Nandi County.

The County occupies a total area of 2,885 km2 The county is further sub-divided into 30 wards namely:

  • Songhor/Soba(193 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:39,934)
  • Tindiret(159 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:27,896)
  • Chemelil/Chemase(128 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:14,479)
  • Kapsimotwo(73 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:18,362)
  • Kabwareng(47 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:22,807)
  • Terik(48 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:20,456)
  • Kemeloi(115 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:35,085)
  • Kobujoi(81 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:26,539)
  • Kaptumo/Kaboi(98 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:24,464)
  • Koyo/Ndurio(69 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:19,905)
  • Nandi Hills(74 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:33,545)
  • Chepkunyuk(129 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:36,775)
  • Ol'lessos(68 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:19,396)
  • Kapchorua(161 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:17,818)
  • Chemundu/Kapng'etuny(52 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:25,403)
  • Kosirai(93 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:25,741)
  • Lelmokwo/Ngechek(106 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:23,354)
  • Kaptel/Kamoiywo(150 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:31,375)
  • Kiptuiya(71 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:24,879)
  • Chepkumia(87 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:21,283)
  • Kapkangani(43 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:23,994)
  • Kapsabet(75 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:35,962)
  • Kilibwoni(164 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:48,845)
  • Chepterwai(73 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:18,944)
  • Kipkaren(94 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:19,147)
  • Kurgung/Surungai(82 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:18,225)
  • Kabiyet(77 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:19,262)
  • Ndalat(75 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:18,651)
  • Kabisaga(79 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:19,029)
  • Sangalo/Kebulonik(121 Area Sq. Kms)with a pop(2009:21,390)

Songhor/Soba ward occupyies the largest area (193 km2.) and Kapkangani Ward the smallest (43 km2.).

Nandi County Sub counties[edit]

The county has six subcounties:

Education & Sports[edit]

Nandi County is home to many world record holders in athletics, including Kipchoge Keino, Henry Rono, Moses Tanui, and Bernard Lagat.

There are 443 primary education schools and 80 secondary education schools in Nandi. Kapsabet Boys High school, situated in Kapsabet, it is one of the most prominent schools in Kenya.[citation needed]


Poverty Level: 47.4%[citation needed]

Businesses: Agriculture, Sports, and Tourism[citation needed]

Major Crops: Tea, Maize, Coffee, and Sugarcane[citation needed]


There are 3 hospitals, 45 dispensaries, and 9 health care centers in Nandi. It has a Doctor to Population Ratio of 1:94,000.[citation needed]

Tourist Destinations[edit]

The major tourist destinations include Koitalel Samoei Meuseum, Kipps Bay Conservancy, and the Nandi Escarpment.[citation needed]

Defunct Local authorities[edit]

Authority Type Population[3] Urban population[3]
Kapsabet Municipality 64,830 17,918
Nandi Hills Town 63,134 3,575
Nandi county County 450,787 3,156


Coordinates: 0°10′00″N 35°09′00″E / 0.166667°N 35.15°E / 0.166667; 35.15