Nangarhar University

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Nangargar University
د ننګرهار پوهنتون
د ننگرهار پوهنتون
Motto الله أكبر God is great
Established 1962
Type public university
Academic staff 9
Admin. staff 1000
Students 5,971[1]
Location Jalalabad, Afghanistan
34°28′21″N 70°22′9″E / 34.47250°N 70.36917°E / 34.47250; 70.36917Coordinates: 34°28′21″N 70°22′9″E / 34.47250°N 70.36917°E / 34.47250; 70.36917
Nickname پوهنتون

Nangarhar University (Pashto: د ننګرهار پوهنتون‎) is a government-funded higher learning institution in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. It is the second largest university in Afghanistan.[2] It has approximately 25 faculty and 3,500 students.[3]

Nangarhar University was established in 1962 as a medical college.[4] It was later merged with other local colleges to become a full-fledged university. It now houses faculties in agriculture, engineering, education, medicine, theology, pedagogy, political science and veterinary medicine.[5]


Nangarhar consists of many faculties including engineering, political science, economics, teachers' training, veterinary, and computer science. Nangarhar Medical Faculty (NMF) is the second largest medical school in Afghanistan.

They also take part in an elearning program organized by Afghans Next Generation e-Learning.[6]

Agriculture Faculty: The faculty of Agriculture has the following Departments: 1- Department of Animal Science

  - Merhatam Nazia (Associate Professor)
  - Tawheed Ali Azeemi (Assistant Professor)
  - Syed Majdod Rehan (Assistant Professor)
  - Khushdil Maroof ( Assistant Professor) 

2- Department of Agronomy 3- Department of Plant Pathology 4- Department of Horticulture 5- Department of Extension All students graduate form the departments are bachelor. Most of the Lecturer are Ph.d or Master degree holder.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Mohammad Amin Fatemi (graduated 1977)
  • Dr Mohammad Hussain Yar (Graduated 1973) Medical Doctor and Professor of Anatomy- Nanagarhar Medical Faculty,Born 1942- Died 2012
  • Dr Ahmad Siar Ahmadi- Medical Doctor, Professor of Paediatrics- Nangarhar Medical Faculty

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