Nanjing Military Region

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Nanjing Military Region
Nanjing Military Region.svg
Nanjing Military Region (highlighted)
Simplified Chinese 南京军区
Traditional Chinese 南京軍區

The Nanjing Military Region (南京军区, nánjīng jūnqū) is one of seven military command regions for the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Its jurisdiction covers all military and armed police located in Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, and Shanghai. It also covers Taiwan, which is claimed by the People's Republic of China but administered by the Republic of China. The current head of the region is Zhao Keshi.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies lists the formation with an estimated 250,000 personnel, three group armies, two armoured, one mechanised infantry, three motorised infantry, and one artillery division. There are also one armoured, four motorised infantry, two artillery, three anti-aircraft brigades, plus an anti-tank regiment.

The headquarters for the East Sea Fleet are located within the region, at Ningbo.

SAM coverage over Taiwan Strait[edit]

Current Officers[1][edit]

Jiang Jianzeng (Deputy Commander) since October 2005
Lin Bingyao (Deputy Commander) since November 2001
Wang Hongguang (Deputy Commander) since December 2005
Wang Jiaocheng (Deputy Commander) since January 2008
Xu Chengyun (Deputy Commander) since November 2005
Xu Hongmeng (Deputy Commander) since June 2006
Xu Xiaoyan (Deputy Commander) since October 2005
Zhao Guojun (Deputy Commander) since March 2003
Cai Yingting (Chief-of-Staff) Since September 2007
Gao Wusheng (Deputy Political Commissar ) since July 2005
Wang Wei (Deputy Political Commissar ) since September 2006
Xiong Ziren (Deputy Political Commissar ) since January 2003
Xu Jianzhong (Deputy Political Commissar ) since January 2006


Organizations affiliated with the Nanjing Military Region often use the nickname "frontline" (Chinese: 前线; pinyin: qiánxiàn; literally: "front line"), including the Frontline Performance Troupe (Chinese: 前线文工团) and the People's Frontline (Chinese: 人民前线) newspaper.



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