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Queen consort of Nubia and Egypt
King's Wife, King's Sister, etc
A Queen from the 25th Dynasty of Egypt
Spouse Pharaoh Taharqa
Full name
Dynasty 25th Dynasty of Egypt
Father Piye
Mother unknown
Burial Pyramid at El-Kurru (Ku. 3)
M22 M22 p
i i
in hieroglyphs

Naparaye was a Nubian queen dated to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt.[1]

Naparaye was the daughter of King Piye and the sister-wife of King Taharqa.

She held several titles: Great of Grace (wrt im3t), Great of Praises (wrt hzwt), Sweet of Love (bnrt mrwt), (Great?) King's Wife (hmt niswt (wrt?)), Lady of the Two Lands (hnwt t3wy), and King's Sister (snt niswt).[2]

Naparaye's name is known from her tomb in el-Kurru (Ku. 3). At her pyramid an alabaster offering table was found (Khartoum, No. 191).[2][3]


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