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Narazeni (Georgian: ნარაზენი) is a village in Georgia situated 17 km east of Zugdidi. The village has a population of 6,550. In the village there are three schools, a kindergarten, ambulance, police, and a few shops. The Chanistskali River flows through the village. During the Soviet period, Narazeni was a farming village. There were tea plantations, fruit gardens, and mandarine plantations. Presently, the head of the village is Zamir Janjgava (2009-). The village is partly mountainous. Narazeni residents speak Mengrelian, Georgian, Russian and a little English. The village was on the transit route in the Silk Road period. During the Soviet period a newspaper in the Megrelian language called "narazenish chai" was published in the village.

Coordinates: 42°24′N 41°55′E / 42.400°N 41.917°E / 42.400; 41.917