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The Narlankas are native to the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh of India. They are Warriors, Farmers, and Kings and are Kshatriya. The present day Narlanka's mostly live in Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu and Maharastra. They are mostly descendants of Reddy and Rao people.

The Narlanka's were a small group of people even at their height. They controlled a few coastal cities in present day Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. They believed to be descendants of the "Solar Race", the sons of god. They relied upon trade as their main source of income at the time. Their location in south India gave them an edge at this and their cities became prominent traders with other coastal areas. It is believed that at a point the early descendants of the Narlanka's were actually Reddy(pronounced Reddi).

The Narlanka's are believed to have been in conflict with a sub-division of the Reddys. Their conflicting beliefs to the Reddys own ones led to small battles. The Reddys had already established themselves as far down as Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Eventually the Narlankas moved further down south themselves, they are now dissolved into Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as Andhra Pradesh.