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The Narmada Canal brings water North from the Sardar Sarovar Dam 460 kilometres (290 mi) in Gujarat and 74 kilometres (46 mi) in Rajasthan.

Inaugurated on 24 April 2008, the The Narmada Canal comes as a blessing for the farmers and residents of Jalore District and Barmer Districts. These Zone of Rajasthan has High Saline water ( Khaara Paani) Hence the agricultural output was very poor. These zones have very poor monsoon, and the agricultural productivity was very poor. More than 65% of lands were Barren and could grown only thorny trees. The blessing of Narmada River has given happiness to the farmers of Rajasthan, the farms of Sanchore Teshil are having lush green crops of Bajri. This year the farmers are expecting a bumper crop and output of more than 45–60% higher than last year. Narmda Canal enter Rajasthan at Silu Village – 8 km from Sanchore city. The Silu Dam was inaugurates by Vasundra Raje the then Hon Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

Narmda Canal Main Canal in Rajasthan – is 74 km long and has 9 major distributries. The total length of Main Canal, Major Distributries and Secondary Distributries covers a huge area of 1477 km and spreads happiness and prosperity to 124 villages in Jalore and Barmer District.[1]

Solar panels[edit]

Solar panels are being installed along a 1 km pilot project section of the Sanand Branch Canal near Chandrasan village to generate 1 MW of electricity. Not only does it generate 1.6 GW·h of electricity, but it reduces the evaporation by 90 lakh litres of water each year.[2][3]

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