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Narrelle Harris (also credited as Narrelle M Harris) is a Melbourne-based writer. She is the author of "Fly By Night" (2004, Homosapien Books), "Witch Honour" (2006, Five Star Speculative Fiction) and its sequel, "Witch Faith" (2007, Five Star Speculative Fiction),[1] probably her highest-profile work to date is "The Opposite Of Life"[2] (2007, Pulp Fiction Press). She wrote the award winning short play "Stalemate" in 2003.[3] In 2006 she appeared alongside Scott Brennan in the short film "Outland" as "Ginny".[4]

Her work is an eclectic mix of genres: "Fly By Night" features two novellas about a gay musical duo who solve crimes, while the "Witch Honour" series consists of fantasy novels with a science fiction edge. "The Opposite Of Life" is a contemporary vampire novel set in Melbourne, told from the point of view of a young librarian, and is the first of a three-book deal with Queensland's Pulp Fiction Press. She has discussed online and on radio about how the second book in the series - tentatively titled "Walking Shadows" - was completed but was considered unsuitable, forcing her to start writing it again from scratch.[5][6] It is also expected there will be a third book to complete a "Witch Honor" trilogy.

Narrelle's earliest writing was through science fiction fandom, including work based in the Star Trek, Blake's 7 and V universes. Fanzines which she wrote and/or edited include Phoenix (B7), Scenario (The Greatest American Hero), Out of the War Zone (V), and Inconsequential Parallax (genzine), which was nominated for a Ditmar Award in 1992.[7]

She has also written film and theatre reviews, the latter as a reviewer and feature writer for the now defunct online theatre magazine, Stage Left. This site is now preserved in the Pandora archives.[8]

Recently, Narrelle was a guest on episode 167 of the Boxcutters podcast,[9] talking about television vampires. She is currently the resident literary "expert" on the weekly radio show "The Outland Institute" on Joy 94.9.[10]


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