Narsilion (band)

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Origin Tarrasa, Spain
Genres neoclassical dark wave, neofolk[1]
Years active 2000-present
Labels Caustic
Black Rain
Members Sathorys Elenorth
Lady Nott
Past members Dark Wind

Narsilion is a neoclassical dark wave band from Catalonia. Formed in 2000 as Aranmanoth and renamed to Narsilion in 2002 following the disbanding of Ordo Funebris, the band has been under contract with Caustic Records since 2004. The name of the band references the "Narsilion" a song about the creation of the Sun and the Moon from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium.[2]


The band combines elements of classical music like strings instruments and choirs with modern percussion[3] and guitars, or even traditional Japanese instruments. Narsilion's guitar works have been compared to the style of Dead Can Dance.[4]


  • Nerbeleth (full-length, 2004)
  • Return to the Silver Forest (EP, 2004)
  • Arcadia (full-length, 2006)
  • Namárië (full-length, 2008)
  • Elenna Nórë (2011)


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