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Location of Narsingdi in Bangladesh
Location of Narsingdi in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 23°55′N 90°44′E / 23.92°N 90.73°E / 23.92; 90.73Coordinates: 23°55′N 90°44′E / 23.92°N 90.73°E / 23.92; 90.73
Country  Bangladesh
Division Dhaka Division
 • Total 1,150.14 km2 (444.07 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • Total 2,224,944
 • Density 1,900/km2 (5,000/sq mi)
Literacy rate
 • Total 55.%
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Postal code 1600
Website [1]

Narsingdi (Bengali: নরসিংদী Nôrshingdi) is a district in central Bangladesh.It is located 50 km north-east of Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division, and is the only district in Bangladesh that does not depend solely on agriculture. The district is famous for its textile craft industry. Narsingdi is bordered by Kishoreganj in the north & north-east, by Brahmanbaria in the east & south-east, Narayanganj at south & south-west and by Gazipur in the west.


There are six upazilas, or subdivisions, in the Narsingdi district.

  1. Belabo Upazila
  2. Monohardi Upazila
  3. Narsingdi Sadar Upazila
  4. Palash Upazila
  5. Raipura Upazila, Narsingdi
  6. Shibpur Upazila

Notable persons[edit]

A number of famous or established persons hails from this District. Among them freedom fighter Satish Pakrashi, Trailokaya Chakraborty, mathematician Narayan Ch Ghosh, famous poet Hari Acharaya, Shamsur Rahman, author Alauddin Al Azad, Birsreshtha Matiur Rahman, Dr. Azmol Morshed. Other persons served the nations in different arena. Among them Lalitmohan Roy - founder Satirpara K.K. Institution, Kamal Kamini Girls High School(now known as Narsingdi Girls' High School), Jitendra Mullick donated land for Brhamandi (Govt.) High School, Narsindi College, Jitendranath Economic Relations Department (ERD) secretary, Shariful Alam Bhuiyan, Senior Assistant Judge and so so. me 'Mir shah jahan'would like to add some figure those were inhabitants of Charsindur/palash & Mozlishpur/shibpur under the district now 'Narsingdi'. Founder of British India's first lamp factory named Bengal Lamp was family members of Lalitmohan Roy, Besides Bangal Lamp they established Karan Lamp and Orient Fan company. Late 'Eakub ali mia, Mofizuddin kha, Ashraf uddin khan(Tara mia), Kiron kha of mozlishpur/shibpur-they had also contribution around like High school, girls high school, charitable dispensary at Charsindur bazar & on their own land. Another'Tara mia memorial' hospital keep opened free for disabled peoples around the circle. Now also generation of 'kha' family by name 'Anwarul ashraf khan (Dilip mia), Kamrul ashraf khan(Puton mia) & Ifftekhar uddin khan (Liton mia) of these 3 brothers generously contributing within Narsingdi district like creating employment opportunity, free treatment to disabled family, so to say fully devoted themselves like their forefather 'kha'family. Sunil Baran Roy was an IAS officer and Home Secretary under chief Minister Joyti Basu.
In 1908 Shah Sufi Taleb Hussain Bhuiyan of village Bhaterchar,Belabo,Narsingdi was first & 35 years President of Narayanpur Panchayat, His younger son Shah Sufi Abdul Latif Bhuiyan B.A.(Chisty) was nominated Referendum election of 1946 of British- India Legislative council,he was a member of Dhaka district board & First & 4 times Chairman of Narayanpur union Board & Council,his(Laitf)Younger brother Comrade Shamsul Haque Bhuiyan First & 2 times Chairman of Narayanpur Union Parishad, 4th Son of Abdul latif Bhuiyan Al Hossain Tarek First Up Zilla Chairman of Belabo Up Zilla Parishad & 2 times chairman of Narayanpur Union Parishad,Son's of Latif Bhuiyan Engg.Abdullah Al Haroon- Taifur waas General Secretary of Bangla Chatra Union & Abdullah Al Ziad- Musa M.S.S.was Cultural Secretary of JSD Chatra League, Both are former central student leader & renoun political figure of the district,wife of mr. Musa Mrs. Alam Taz Begum, Deputy Registerer,Sher-E- Bangla Agriculture University,Dhaka.They established mosque,madrasha,primary school,high school& union parishad bhaban.They contributed various social work.They observed 20 th Chaitry (Bangla year)'Urash-Sharif' every year.


Narsingdi is a densely industrial area, and is home to many textile mills. Narsingdi gas field is located in the Shibpur upazila under Narsingdi district adjacent to the Dhaka-Sylhet highway about 45 km away of northern most east direction from capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. This field was discovered by Petrobangla in 1990. Total recoverable gas reserves of this field re-estimated by Hydrocarbon Unit is 215 billion cubic feet (6.1×109 m3). Commercial gas production was started in 1996 and till 31 August 2006 total 66.304 billion cubic feet (1.8775×109 m3) or 30.84 percent of gas reserves has been recovered. Largest powerplant of Bangladesh,Ghorashal power plant,owned by Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) is situated in palash Upazilla. Narsingdi is riched by several number of jute mills, which plays an important rule in economy. Quality banana is also found here. The biggest and renowned HAAT (Textile market) of Bangladesh is located here at NARSINGDI which is known as SEKERCHAR/BABUR HAAT. Sugarcane also grows well. There is a sugar mill in polash thana named DESHBONDHO sugar mill. There are two urea fertilizer industries in polash and ghorashal.


Religion in Narsingdi District
Religion Percent

The district of Narsingdi consists 3923 mosques, 52 temples, nine Buddhist temples and three churches here.

Notable residents[edit]

Places of interest[edit]

Arshinagor park is situated near the Narsingdi railway station. Dream Holiday Park near by Narsingdi.Archaeologically important Wari-Bateshwar ruins was established around 2500 years ago. Sonaimore benodon park is one of the most beautiful places of Narshingdi and is full of natural beauty. Bananas (sagor kola) from Narsingdi are famous for size, taste, flavor and colour. The graveyard of Shaheed Asad, (the Hero of 1969 Mass-Uprising) is situated in his village Dhanua in Shibpur Upazila.


The Meghna, The Shitalakkha, The old Brahmaputra, Arial Kha, Haridhoa, Paharea are some of the main rivers flows through this district.


The communication system of this district is very good. The Dhaka-Sylhet highway, one of the important highways of Bangladesh, passes through Narsingdi. It is only one hour distance from Dhaka. Water way communication is also very good as lots of river flows through Narsingdi. Dhaka-Chittagong & Dhaka-Sylhet, two most busiest rail route of the country go through Narsingdi. People can easily go Narshingdi by boarding this buses. National Express (AC Bus)& BRTC (AC BUS) {from Gulistan} Monohordi Paribahan, Anna Super Service, BRTC Bus and shopn bilash bus service etc.(from Sydabad bus terminal), PPL, Chalan Bil Transport, Arabian Transport, Badsha Parabahan (from Mohakhali Bus stand). People also can go to Narshingdi by Train from Kamalapur Rail Station .


Grade Schools[edit]

  • Dewaner Char Madymik Vidyalaya (Estd 1992)
  • Narayanpur Rabeya Mahavidyalaya
  • Modern Pilot High School
  • Dhukundi High School
  • Rajarbag High School
  • Adiabad Islamia High School and College (Estd 1912 AD)

Higher Education[edit]


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