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Narsobawadi attracts tourists in quite a large number. It is situated in Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. It is popularly known as "Narsobachi Wadi". Narasimha Wadi has a great archaeological significance.


Narsobawadi named due to presence of Shri Narasimha Saraswati (1378−1458) नरसिहसरस्वती is the Purna Avatar of Dattatreya (As per "Shripada Shrivallabha Charitra," he is second avatar of Dattatreya) and it is about 3 km from Shirol tahashil, Kurundawad is the nearest city which is about 2 km from this place.


Local transportation includes auto rickshaws and city buses from Miraj (around 16 km), ST bus from Kolhapur (around 52 km) and Sangli (around 20 km)

For people near to Nipani or Belgaum come first to Kurundwad (1 km from Narsobawadi).

Some routes: Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji - Kurundwad - Narsobawadi, Kolhapur - Ichalkaranji - Kurundwad - Narsobawadi, Kolhapur - Jaysingpur - Shirol - Narsobawadi, Miraj - Shirol - Narsobawadi, Nipani - Borgaon - Herwad - Kurundwad - Narsobawadi, Belgaum - Nipani - Chikodi- Raibag- Jalalpur-Borgaon - Herwad - Kurundwad - Narsobawadi.


Nearest railway station is Miraj which is 15 km away.