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Nartë is located in Albania
Coordinates: 40°29′57″N 19°27′26″E / 40.49917°N 19.45722°E / 40.49917; 19.45722Coordinates: 40°29′57″N 19°27′26″E / 40.49917°N 19.45722°E / 40.49917; 19.45722
Country  Albania
County Vlorë County
District Vlorë District
Municipality Qendër
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Car Plates VL

Nartë also known as Narta (Greek: Άρτα or Παλαιοάρτα Arta, Palioarta)[1] is a community in Vlorë District. It is situated northwest of the city of Vlorë.

The local population are predominantly Greeks,[2] using a distinct idiom of modern Greek. One of the local tourist attractions is the annual three-day festival.[3] An Orthodox church lies on the center of the village.[2]

The surrounding region is full of salt marshes. Narta Lagoon, which hosts a unique ecosystem, lies north of the village.[4]

At 1873 a Greek school was funded in the village. Greek education was expanding with the opening of a girls' school and a kindergarten in the 1912-1913 school season.[5]


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