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The Nashua Corporation (NASDAQ: NSHA) is an American company headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire that makes labels, specialty papers, and imaging products and services. On September 15, 2009, it was bought by Cenveo, Inc.[1] As of early 2010, it had four factories in several states.[2]


It was formed in 1848 to make cardboard and glazed paper. It was then called the Nashua Gummed and Coated Paper Company. During the Gold Rush in California it made playing cards for the mining trade and was known locally thereafter for many decades (well into the 1950s) as the Card Shop. In 1926 it bought the Knowles Youngblood Co., and in 2000 it merged with Rittenhouse, another printing specialty firm.

Nashua Corporation sold its line of tape products to Tyco International in 1997. The tape products line was then divested as part of Covalence Specialty Materials which later merged with Berry Plastics.[3] Nashua Brand Tape Products are now manufactured in Franklin, Kentucky.

Popular culture[edit]

Nashua Tape Products' 357 brand duct tape[4] is used by Mythbusters duo Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman for their projects.[5] Nashua Tape's 357 was featured in four Mythbuster's episodes including Duct Tape Hour (Season 7, Episode 13), Duct Tape Hour 2 (Season 8, Episode 7), Duct Tape Plane (Season 9, Episode 16), and most recently Duct Tape Island (Season 10, Episode 1).

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