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Nashville String Machine is a musical collective comprising session musicians and has been credited on recordings as far back as 1974. The Nashville String Machine's composition varies from project to project. It has appeared as large as an orchestra, or as small as a duo.

Notable members[edit]

Being a musical collective, the cast is always in flux. Notable players with this outfit include* (but not limited to):

Other artists who have performed with the outfit include Sam Terranova, Pamela Sixfin, Paul Christopher, Lee Levine, Dennis Molchan, Sam Levine, Paul Francis Relf, Mary Lee Taylor, Walter Schede, Joe Murphy, Jason Fitz, Pamela Vanosdale, Stephanie Woolf, Lennie Haight, William Woodworth, Phil Tempkins, Laurence Harvin, Marvin Chantry, Gary Vanosdale, David Davidson, George Binkley, Dennis Molchan, Lee Larrison, John Borg, Ron Huff, Marty Stuart, Vanessa Jackson, Margaret Bredemann, Patti Thomas, Anne Neff, Shelby Strickland, Angel Larock Sletto, Carol Moseley, Ken Nelson, Ron Jensen, Greg Thomas, Paul Roark, James Holloway, Tom Romines, John Catchings, Conni Ellisor, Ted Madsen, Robert Mason, Laura Molyneaux, Craig Nelson, Matthew Froud, John David Boyle, Roy Christensen, Virginia Christensen, Connie Heard, Walter Schwede, Donald Teal, Christian Teal, Kristin Wilkinson, Chris Simonsen, Bill Kirby, Bart LeFay, and Tom Howard, Michael Valentine.

The outfit's operations are led by Carl Gorodetzky and Carol Gorodetzky.

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