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Not to be confused with Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah.

Nasiruddin Mahmud (reigned: 1227–1229) was the son of Sultan Shamsuddin Iltutmish. He was the governor of Oudh. He later served as the governor of Bengal until his death.


When Ghiyasuddin Iwaj Khilji rebelled against Delhi Sultan Iltutmish, he sent his son Nasiruddin Mahmud along with Alauddin Jani to lead an invasion against Iwaj.[1] After the battle Iwaj had been defeated and Nasiruddin became the governor of Bengal. He received the title Malik-us-Sharq (Lord of the East) from Sultan Iltutmish.

In 1228, Nasiruddin attacked and killed Prithu, a Khen ruler (reigned: 1185–1228) of Assam.[2] He subsequently attacked Tibet. (Entirely incorrect and quoted without reading the cited material properly. In fact it was his father who did these things.)

After ruling one and a half years, Nasiruddin died in 1229.

Preceded by
Ghiyasuddin Iwaj Khilji
(Khilji Dynasty of Bengal)
Mamluk Delhi Sultanate Governor of Bengal
Succeeded by
Malik Balkha Khilji
(Khilji Dynasty of Bengal)

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