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The Nastia Liukin Cup (known as the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup before 2012) is an annual artistic gymnastics competition held in the United States and hosted by Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin.[1] First held in 2010, the event arose through a partnership between Liukin and USA Gymnastics, and is intended to serve as a debut for pre-elite competitors on the national stage.[2] Eligible to compete are Level 10 gymnasts female gymnasts in both the junior and senior fields.

Invitationals and qualification[edit]

Competitors qualify to the event through the invitational competitions that are held from January through February in various locations across the USA. Juniors will be aged 15 and younger (born 2000 and later) and Seniors are 16 and older (born 1999 and earlier) in the 2015 competition.

From their placements at their invitational, they will then travel to the competition (Arlington, TX).

List of invitationals for the 2015 competition
Date Name Location Junior qualifier(s) Junior qual. score Senior qualifier(s) Senior qual. score
January 9-11th Atlanta Crown Invitational Atlanta, GA
January 9-11th Legacy Elite Winter Classic Chicago, IL
January 16-18th Brestyan's Invitational Medford, MA
January 16-18th CGA Coaches Spectacular Covington, KY
January 16-18th Lady Luck Invitational Las Vegas, NV
January 16-18th Star Struck Invitational Atlantic City, NJ
January 16-18th Tampa Bay Turners Invitational Bradenton, FL
January 16-18th Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet Irving, TX
January 30-February 1st Chow's Challenge Galveston, TX
January 30-February 1st Circle of Stars Indianapolis, IN
January 30-February 1st Metroplex Challenge Fort Worth, TX
January 30-February 1st Wisconsin Dells Classic Wisconsin Dells, WI
February 6-8th Buckeye Classic Columbus, OH
February 6-8th Charity Choice Invitational Tacoma, WA
February 6-8th 41st Annual Fiesta Bowl Chandler, AZ
February 6-8th Gliders Invitational Ontario, CA
February 6-8th Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational Greensboro, NC
February 6-8th Pikes Peak Cup Colorado Springs, CO
February 13-15th Classic Rock Invitational Phoenix, AZ
February 13-15th IGI Chicago Style Chicago, IL
February 13-15th Excalibur Cup Virginia Beach, VA
February 13-15th Magical Classic Orlando, FL
February 13-15th Presidential Classic Lake Buena Vista, FL
February 13-15th WOGA Classic Frisco, TX

Former winners and results[edit]


2014 podium
Rank Name DOB and Age Age division Club Hometown Total Out
1 Mackenzie Brannan
McKenna Kelley
Rachael Flam
Lauren Ramirez
1996-05-17 (aged 17)
1997-04-15 (aged 16)
1999-07-12 (aged 14)
1999-01-28 (aged 15)
Gold Medal
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Chandler, AZ
2 Not awarded
3 Kari Lee
Rachael Lukacs
1996-08-07 (age 17)
1999-12-14 (age 14)
North Stars
Peoria, AZ
Hillsborough, NJ


2013 podium[3]
Rank Name DOB and Age Club Hometown Total Out
1 Alex McMurtry 1996-12-08 (aged 16) Richmond Olympiad Midlothian, VA 38.450 0.000
2 Aja-Monet Sims 1995-10-04[4] (aged 17) Brandy Johnson's Clermont, FL 38.175 0.275
3 Samantha Partyka 1996-08-06[5] (aged 16) Champions Gymnastics Academy Katy, TX 38.075 0.375


2012 podium
Rank Name DOB and Age Club Hometown Total Out
1 Charity Jones aged 17 Dynamo Gymnastics Miami, OK 38.075 0.000
2 Alex McMurtry 1996-12-08 (aged 15) Richmond Olympiad Midlothian, VA 37.875 0.200
2 Polina Shchennikova 1998-01-07 (aged 14) TIGAR Arvada, CO 37.875 0.200


2011 podium
Rank Name DOB and Age Club Hometown Total Out
1 Grace Williams 1996-03-26[6] (aged 14) Geddert's Twistars Linden, MI 38.525 0.000
2 Amelia Hundley 1998-01-21 (aged 13) Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy Cincinnati, OH 38.150 0.375
3 Rachel Spicer 1994-06-12 (aged 16) Metroplex Gymnastics Highland Village, TX 37.975 0.550


2010 podium
Rank Name DOB and Age Club Hometown Total Out
1 Lexie Priessman 1997-01-23 (aged 13) Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy Cincinnati, OH 38.400 0.000
2 Kassandra Lopez 1993-05-25 (aged 16) Gym World East Tucson, AZ 37.675 0.725
3 Diandra Milliner 1992-10-18 (aged 17) Folger's Gymnastics Wichita, KS 37.400 1.000

Notable former competitors[edit]

  • Briley Casanova - 2010, 2011 VISA Nationals qualifier; 10th at the 2012 event
  • Nia Dennis - 2013-14 U.S. National Team Member; 5th at the 2012 event
  • Gabrielle Douglas - 2012 Olympic All-Around Champion; 4th at the 2010 event
  • Felicia Hano - 2014 Pan American Champion, 2014 U.S. Team Member; 25th at the 2013 event
  • Amelia Hundley - U.S. National Team Member; 2nd at the 2011 event
  • Sydney Johnson-Scharpf - 2013, 2014 P&G Nationals qualifier; 23rd at the 2013 event
  • Ashton Locklear - 2014 Worlds Team Member; 2014 National Team Member; 7th at the 2013 event
  • Lexie Priessman - U.S. National Team Member; 2010 NLC Champion
  • Mykayla Skinner - U.S. National Team Member; 7th at the 2010 event, 5th at the 2011 event
  • Kayla Williams - 2009 World Vault Champion; 4th at the 2011 event


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