Nasu District, Tochigi

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A map of discontiguous Nasu District. The town of Nasu is to the north, Nakagawa to the south.

Nasu (那須郡 Nasu-gun?) is a district located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. The district consists of the two discontiguous towns of Nasu and Nakagawa, separated by the separate city of Ōtawara in the middle.

The total area of the district was 1,209.59 km² before the former constituent towns of Nishinasuno, and Shiobara were consolidated with Kuroiso to form the new city of Nasushiobara on January 1, 2005. In 2003, the district had an estimated population of 154,881 and a density of 128.04 persons per km².

Towns and villages[edit]


Coordinates: 37°01′55″N 140°07′30″E / 37.032°N 140.125°E / 37.032; 140.125