Natá, Coclé

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Parque de Nata de los Caballeros.jpg
Natá is located in Panama
Coordinates: 8°19′48″N 80°31′12″W / 8.33000°N 80.52000°W / 8.33000; -80.52000Coordinates: 8°19′48″N 80°31′12″W / 8.33000°N 80.52000°W / 8.33000; -80.52000
Country Panama
Province Coclé
Population (2008)[1]
 • Total 6 003

Natá is a small city on the Pan-American Highway in the Coclé province of Panama. The closest larger city is Penonomé. The city of Aguadulce is about 10 kilometers away. Panama City is 176 kilometers from Natá. The population is about 6,000 residents. The small town has a primary school, high school, bank, post office, and pharmacy.


The town is the oldest surviving town in Panama, having been founded by the Spanish on May 20, 1520.[2] Full name of this historical city is Natá de Los Caballeros, where Nata is commemorating local casique Anata and "Los Caballeros" - 100 Spanish knights quartered in the city.[3]

It is home to a church which claims to be the oldest church still in "Tierra Firma". The church was thought to be built when Spanish invaders originally came through Central America conquering the Native Indian tribes. The church is believed to be from the 16th century. Currently, the church is in good condition, the roof was recently repaired with Nispero an extremely hardy and insect proof wood. thanks to care from the residents and frequent restorations. The church is used by residents of Natá every day for Catholic mass and festivals for the town.


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