Natal Native Rebellion Medal

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Natal Native Rebellion Medal
Natal Native Rebellion Medal.jpg
Awarded by the Sovereign of the Commonwealth realms
Country BlueEnsignNatal.png Natal Colony
Type Military campaign medal
Eligibility South African military and police forces
Awarded for Campaign service
Campaign Bambatha Rebellion, 1906
Description Silver disk, 36 mm in diameter
Clasps "1906"
Established 1907
First awarded 1907
Total awarded 9,622
Ribbon - Natal Native Rebellion Medal.gif
Ribbon bar

The Natal Native Rebellion Medal was a South African campaign medal. It was authorised on 9 May 1907, for service in the Bambatha Rebellion in Natal in 1906.[1][2]

Award criteria[edit]

To qualify for the Natal Native Rebellion Medal, a soldier or policeman must have served in the field for at least twenty days between 11 February 1906 and 3 August 1906. Those who served for fifty days or longer qualified for the award of a clasp to the medal.[1][2]

A total of 9,622 medals was awarded. Most of the recipients were members of the Natal colonial military and police forces, but 546 were awarded to volunteers from the Transvaal Colony and 70 to troops from the Cape Colony.[1][2]



The medal is struck in silver and the obverse depicts the uncrowned head of King Edward VII, surrounded by his name, style, and titles.[1][2]


The reverse displays the figures of Britannia and Natalia against a background of a landscape with Zulu huts. The word "Natal" appears in the exergue.[1][2]


The ribbon is 32 millimetres wide and crimson, with 7 millimetres wide black edges.[1][2]


The clasp displays the year "1906".[1][2]

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