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Nate Powell
Powell at a signing for March Book One at Midtown Comics in Manhattan.
Born 1978
Little Rock, Arkansas
Nationality American
Area(s) Cartoonist, Writer, Penciller, Inker, Publisher, Letterer, Colourist
Notable works
Any Empire
Swallow Me Whole
The Silence Of Our Friends
Awards Ignatz Award, 2008 & 2009
Eisner Award, 2009

Nate Powell (b. 1978, Little Rock, Arkansas) is a graphic novelist and musician.


He owned DIY punk record label Harlan Records and performed in several punk bands including Universe, Divorce Chord, WAIT, and Soophie Nun Squad.

From 1999 to 2009, he worked as a caregiver for adults with developmental disabilities.[1]

Powell began self-publishing comics in 1992 at age 14. He graduated from North Little Rock High School in 1996, briefly attended George Washington University in Washington, DC, and graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2000 after receiving the Outstanding Cartooning Student award and the Shakespeare & Company Books Self-Publishing Grant, with which he funded the first issue of Walkie Talkie.

Powell lived intermittently in central Arkansas while calling East Lansing, Michigan, South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island home from 2001 to 2003. He settled in Bloomington, Indiana in early 2004.

His 2008 graphic novel Swallow Me Whole won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Debut and Outstanding Artist, and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the Young Adult Fiction category. It received the 2009 Eisner Award for Best Original Graphic Novel, and was also nominated for Best Writer/Artist and Best Lettering.

In 2013 Top Shelf Productions published March, an autobiographical graphic novel trilogy about the life of civil rights leader and United States Congressman John Lewis, written by Lewis and Andrew Aydin, and illustrated by Powell.

Powell has worked on the graphic novel adaptation of Rick Riordan's The Heroes Of Olympus:The Lost Hero, while working on his own next book, entitled Cover and the short comics collection You Don't Say.[citation needed]


  • D.O.A. #1-4 (co-writer, co-artist. 9/92-4/93, Food Chain Productions)
  • Food Chain Holiday Special (writer, artist. 12/92, Food Chain)
  • D.O.A. #-47 F (writer, artist. 12/93, Food Chain)
  • The Schwa Sound #1-14 (2/94-5/99, Food Chain)
  • Arsenic (5/94, Food Chain)
  • Billy Crash (8/95, Food Chain)
  • Pantheon #1 (with Ben Nichols and Ken Edge. 2/96, Food Chain)
  • The Playground Messiah (with Emil Heiple. 5/96, Food Chain; reprinted in 1998 by Tree of Knowledge Press)
  • Conditions (4/99, Food Chain; French translation in 2001 by Small Budget Productions)
  • Frankenbones (with Emil Heiple. 5/99, Food Chain)
  • Wonderful Broken Thing (12/99, Food Chain)
  • Walkie Talkie #1-4 (5/00-6/02, Food Chain)
  • Good Night For a Daydream (with Jenny Holt. 8/00, Food Chain)
  • Tiny Giants (6/03, Soft Skull Press)
  • It Disappears (6/04, Soft Skull Press)
  • illustrations for Joyland (by Emily Schultz. 3/06, ECW Press)
  • Sounds of Your Name (9/06, Microcosm Publishing)
  • Please Release (10/06, Top Shelf Productions)
  • Cakewalk (written by Rachel Bormann)/ Bets Are Off (9/08, self-released)
  • Swallow Me Whole (10/08, Top Shelf Productions)
  • Papercutter #12 (written by Rachel Bormann. 3/10, Tugboat Press)
  • illustrations for Edible Secrets (by Michael Hoerger and Mia Partlow. 12/10, Microcosm Publishing)
  • Sweet Tooth #19 (with Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Emi Lenox. 3/11, Vertigo Comics)
  • Any Empire (7/11, Top Shelf Productions)
  • "Conjurers" included in the young adult fiction anthology What You Wish For (9/11, Putnam Books/ Bookwish Foundation)
  • The Silence Of Our Friends (written by Mark Long and Jim Demonakos. 1/12, First Second Books)
  • The Year Of The Beasts (written by Cecil Castellucci. 5/12, Roaring Brook Press)
  • Sweet Tooth #34 (with Jeff Lemire. 6/12, Vertigo)
  • March (with Congressman John Lewis, 2013, Top Shelf Productions)


With Soophie Nun Squad (1992-2007)[edit]

  • "We Ate Slayer" demo tape (5/94, Food Chain Records)
  • "We Rule The World" demo tape (8/94, Food Chain)
  • "Vs. the USA" 7" (3/95, Food Chain)
  • "The Dogtown Chronicles" comp tape (5/95, Food Chain—also vocalist for the bands Mob and Dentistry on this comp)
  • "Dino" 7" (4/97, Harlan Records [formerly Food Chain])
  • Don't Let Them Take You Alive CD (3/98, Harlan)
  • "Heartbreakers and Rumpshakers" comp 7" (8/98, Harlan)
  • The Devil, The Metal, The Big Booty Beats LP/CD (1/00, Harlan/Plan-it-X/Phyte)
  • "A Compilation for Heroes" comp CD (5/00, Streetcar Music)
  • "Defeated Food Not Bombs Benefit" comp CD (5/00, Defeated)
  • "Listen to What I'm Made Of" comp 2xCD (7/01, File 13 Records)
  • split LP/CD with Abe Froman (4/03, Harlan/ Plan-it-X)
  • Passion Slays The Dragon LP/CD (9/03, Harlan/ Plan-it-X/ Narshardaa Records)
  • "Rootbeer and Molotovs" comp CD (11/04, Ten Fingers Collective)
  • "Plan-it-X Fest 2004" comp DVD (6/05, Plan-it-X)
  • "If it Ain't Cheap, It Ain't Punk" comp CD (12/05, Plan-it-X)
  • "All The Days Are Numbered So" comp CD (3/06, Harlan)

With Boomfancy (2000-2001)[edit]

  • 7-song 7" (1/01, Harlan)

With Gioteens (1999-2001)[edit]

  • 8-song demo (7/00, Harlan)

With W A I T (2005-2007)[edit]

  • (listed as Nate Powell)All The Days Are Numbered So" comp CD (3/06, Harlan)
  • Say It, Come True CD (10/06, Harlan)

With Divorce Chord (2007-2008)[edit]

  • demo CDR (4/08, Harlan)
  • "lose your illusion II" demo CDR (2/09, Harlan)

With Universe (2008-2010)[edit]

  • demo CDR (4/09, Harlan)
  • Passenger CD (6/10, Harlan)

Other appearances[edit]

  • co-lyricist, Tem Eyos Ki "Kids Kill Kids" from split 7" with Hundred Years War (8/00, Harlan)
  • co-lyricist, Tem Eyos Ki "Stop Action" from tour CDR (5/01, self-released)
  • voice and percussion, Abe Froman "Walking Distance", from Abe Froman/ Soophie Nun Squad split LP/CD (4/03, Harlan/Plan-it-X)
  • coconuts, tap dancing, flavishorn, backing vocals, Spoonboy I Love You, This is a Robbery (3/05, Plan-it-X)


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