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Nate Ravitz
Born Nathan Ravitz
Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States
Alma mater University of Michigan
Occupation Deputy editor for Fantasy

Nate Ravitz is deputy editor for Fantasy, which focuses on fantasy sports.[1] Apart from his internal duties for ESPN, Ravitz is best known as the co-host (along with Matthew Berry)of the Fantasy Focus Football Podcast. [2] He used to host the Fantasy Baseball podcast as well, but he stepped down after the 2013 season. He also used to provide analysis for the Fantasy Focus Video Podcast,[3] as well as other written analysis for[4]


Ravitz began working in fantasy sports as a part-time sports writer for Total Quality Stats in 1998 and went on to found the website Roto Times, where he served as the executive director.[5] He was eventually lured to ESPN, where he currently works as their deputy editor for fantasy.[6] Ravitz's most public work with ESPN is as the co-host of fantasy football-themed podcast along with Matthew Berry. While the shows are based on fantasy football, popular culture topics as well as personal stories make up a large portion of each show. The podcast features recurring themes. He used to host a baseball themed "Fantasy Focus" podcast with Berry, Eric Karabell, and Tristan H. Cockcroft, however, he and Berry both stepped down after the 2013 season.

Fantasy Focus Podcast[edit]

The Name Game[edit]

"The Name Game" is a rapid-fire question and answer segment, in which two players' values are compared against each other, with one ultimately being deemed the better choice based upon the fantasy league being discussed.[7] The players discussed are often requested by listeners of the show, who submit their questions via email.

Man's League[edit]

The Man's League is a fantasy league in which the listeners of the show play against the show's producer, Jay Soderberg (aka Pod Vader).[8] The name "Man's League" comes from the high number of team owners the league has, forcing each owner to use lesser known professional players to complete their roster, thus increasing the difficulty. Competition to be chosen for the league is very high, and listeners often have to go to extreme lengths to be selected to play.

The Board[edit]

Ravitz, Berry, Karabell and Cockcroft make contradicting predictions on many zany issues, including how players will fare in an upcoming fantasy season, single week performance, and pop culture issues. These predictions are tracked "on the board", with the winner being the host who has the most accurate predictions at the end of the season.[9][10][11]


Though Ravitz was born in New Jersey, he grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Ravitz is married and resides with his wife Andrea in the Bristol, Connecticut area. He is a New York Jets and New York Mets fan and an avid fan of professional wrestling. His New York Jets fanhood may be coming to an end with the signing of free agent Quarterback Michael Vick. Ravitz has stated that as long as Vick is not the starter, he will remain a Jets fan. [12]


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