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Nathalie Perrey
Born (1929-02-28)28 February 1929
Died 25 March 2012(2012-03-25) (aged 83)
Paris, France
Occupation Actress, various
Years active 1967–2009
Spouse(s) Jean-Noël Delamarre (divorced)
Children Cyrille Gaudin

Nathalie Perrey or Natalie Perrey (28 February 1929 – 25 March 2012) was a French actress. She is best known for her many years working with director Jean Rollin, appearing in several of his films. She has consistently worked as a film editor and script supervisor among other things throughout her long career.


Nathalie Perrey has worked more that forty years in the French film industry, most notably as an actress of French cinema. She is seen in many small or supporting roles, and is most memorably known for working with director Jean Rollin in several productions over a thirty-year period. Making her film debut in 1969, Perrey was cast in Jean Rollin's La vampire nue, his second feature film. Subsequently, she received minor roles in several of his other films including La rose de fer, Lèvres de sang, ''La nuit des traquées, Les paumées du petit matin, Perdues dans New York, Les deux orphelines vampires, La fiancée de Dracula and La nuit des horloges.

Not only as an actress, Perrey has worked with Rollin on other occasions. In 1970, she was a production assistant for Rollin's third feature, Le frisson des vampires, a screenplay writer for Tout le monde il en a deux, an assistant director for Fascination and Les paumées du petit matin, for which she also worked in continuity, as editor on Les deux orphelines vampires and La fiancée de Dracula for which she served continuity, costume designer and script supervisor. Perrey has also received script work in Requiem for a vampire and La rose de fer.


Year Title Role Notes
1969 La Vampire Nue Old Woman The Naked Vampire
1970 Paris interdit Une élève du cours de danse Forbidden Paris; uncredited role
1971 On ne se dit pas tout entre époux Short film
1971 La débauche La femme du poète Wife Swapping: French Style
1972 La rose de fer Woman in Cemetery The Iron Rose
1973 Le sourire vertical Mère Jeanne des Anges The Vertical Smile
1974 Lèvres de sang Frédéric's Mother Lips of Blood
1974 Suce moi vampire Frédéric's Mother Suck Me Vampire; Lips of Blood (hard version)
1978 Entrechattes Dorothée Richemond
1978 Jouir! Mado
1980 La nuit des traquées La mère Night of the Hunted
1981 Les paumées du petit matin Asylum Nurse The Escapees, The Runaways
1982 Mélodie pour Manuella Manuella's Mother Bizarre Marilyn
1982 Les défonceuses La patronne du coffee-shop
1983 Baby Cat
1984 Jeans Tonic Customer
1989 Perdues dans New York Lost in New York
1997 Les deux orphelines vampires Nun, School Teacher The Two Orphan Vampires
2002 La fiancée de Dracula La sorcière Dracula's Fiancee
2005 Quelque chose de mal La grande-mère Short film
2007 La nuit des horloges Night of Clocks
2009 L'histoire de Marie Old Woman Short film
Year Title Notes
1967 Don Cherry Short documentary; director
1969 Hallucinations sadiques Sadistic Hallucinations; costumer
1970 Bartleby Short film; script girl
1970 Le frisson des Vampires Production assistant
1971 Requiem pour un vampire Script
1971 La débauche Assistant director
1972 Les petits enfants d'Attila Script girl
1972 Le seuil du vide Continuity
1972 La rose de fer Script
1972 Pervertissima Unit production manager
1974 Q Prickly Problems; Script supervisor
1974 Tout le monde il en a deux Screeplay writer
1976 Candice Candy French Nympho; continuity
1977 Je suis une belle salope I am a Beautiful Bitch; script supervisor
1977 Suprêmes jouissances Exquisite Pleasure; script supervisor
1977 La grande baise Script supervisor
1977 Les hôtesses du sexe Writer
1977 Le roi des bricoleurs Assistant director; editor
1979 Le piège à cons script supervisor
1979 Pénétrez-moi par le petit trou script supervisor
1979 Fascination Assistant director
1980 Le segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny Summer in the Country; script supervisor
1981 Les Paumées du Petit Matin Continuity, first assistant director
1982 Les défonceuses Script supervisor
1983 Baby Cat Continuity
1990 Le trésor des îles chiennes Editor
1992 La plage des enfants perdus Editor
1992 Coyote Editor (Paris)
1995 Shéhérazade Short film; editor
1995 Le poids du ciel Short film; editor
1995 La prière de l'absent Editor
1995 Jonathan Short film; editor
1997 Les tourments de Miss Murphy Short film; editor
1997 Les deux orphelines vampires Editor
1998 Bye-Bye Souirty Editor
2000 Banco Script supervisor
2000 Ma sexualité de A à X Direct-to-video; script supervisor
2001 Le septième ciel Short film; script supervisor
2001 Le septième ciel Short film; script supervisor; editor
2002 La fiancée de Dracula Script supervisor; costume designer; editor
2002 Le miroir du fou Continuity girl, script supervisor; editor
2002 Au premier dimanche d'août A Summer Night Rendez-vous; short film; editor
2004 Julie Meyer Short film; script supervisor
2007 Fi Intidar Pasolini Editor
2009 L'histoire de Marie Script supervisor


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