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National Association for Gun Rights
NAGR logo.png
Formation 2000
Headquarters Windsor, Colorado
Board Chairman
David Warrington
Executive Vice President
Dudley Brown
Barry Walter, Jr

The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) is a non-partisan, civil rights organization focusing on issues relating to the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. They maintain an affiliated, separated segregated funds (SSF) Federal PAC, and a non-profit legal foundation (National Foundation for Gun Rights).


Headed by Dudley Brown, a long-time gun rights advocate and director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the National Association for Gun Rights was formed in 2000 as a grassroots, member-centric organization with a no-compromise approach to gun rights issues through an aggressive strategy.[1][2]

Federal goals[edit]

National Association for Gun Rights is actively engaged in federal lobbying efforts to protect the rights of gun owners. According to their website, among their top issues is their opposition to United NationsSmall Arms Treaty.”

The group's opposition to the proposed treaty is outlined in a 2010 Washington Times editorial which stated “This U.N. treaty will lead to more gun control in America. ‘After the treaty is approved and it comes into force, you will find out that it has this implication or that implication and it requires the Congress to adopt some measure that restricts ownership of firearms,’ former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton warns. ‘The [Obama] administration knows it cannot obtain this kind of legislation purely in a domestic context. [...] They will use an international agreement as an excuse to get domestically what they couldn’t otherwise.’”[3]

Other recent[when?] subjects covered by the group include:

  • Operation Fast and Furious[4]
  • Opposition to reauthorization of the Patriot Act and offering support for amendments offered by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).[5]
  • Lobbying against MAIG’s ban on private firearm sales[6]
  • Opposition to the M1 Garand re-importation Ban.[7]
  • Opposition to the proposed National Concealed Reciprocity Act suggesting that such a bill is a "Trojan Horse for Gun Control".[8]

In July 2012, USA Today interviewed Luke O'Dell, Director of Political Operations, in relation to proposed legislative actions on "high capacity magazines." "Who determines what 'high-capacity' is?" O'Dell asks. "It's a slippery slope we start walking when we start picking and choosing what rights of the Constitution and Bill of Rights we're going to follow."[9]

State goals[edit]

The National Association for Gun Rights works closely with state-level gun rights groups and activists in various states.[10][11] Working with Wyoming Gun Owners, the organization focused a great deal of effort on the Wyoming legislature in order to lobby for no-permit Constitutional Carry there, which was signed into law on March 2. 2012.[12][13] They also utilized their relationship with Iowa Gun Owners during the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa.[14]

In a recent change of leadership in the Colorado State Legislature, NAGR was influential in supporting a pro-gun Senator to take the place of State Representative Jim Kerr, whom they felt was not sufficiently supportive of Second Amendment rights. Kerr referred to NAGR Executive Director Brown as "the most dangerous man in Republican politics."[15]

The top state-level priority of the National Association for Gun Rights is to pass no-permit Constitutional Carry. Constitutional Carry is the right to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. Executive Director Dudley Brown defends this view thusly: “(i)f you don't need a permit to exercise your First Amendment rights, why should you need one for the Second Amendment?”[16][17]

In 2012 the National Association for Gun Rights sued the state of Montana over state laws that may require the organization to register as a political committee and meet ‘onerous burdens imposed upon such committees’ prior to mailing postcards critical of Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock’s record on gun rights.[18] According to the IRS, “a section 501(c)(4)… may engage in some political activities, so long as that is not its primary activity.”[19] Bullock was a candidate for Governor. NAGR’s request for a preliminary injunction was denied in October.[20] Bullock was elected Governor the following month.

Disagreement with the National Rifle Association[edit]

In November 2011 the US House passed legislation "that would require states that issue concealed gun permits to recognize similar licenses from other states." [21] The bill was supported by the gun rights National Rifle Association which considered it to be a top priority, but opposed by the NAGR on the basis that it could become a "Trojan horse for more gun control".[21]

National Foundation for Gun Rights[edit]

Through its Foundation, the National Association for Gun Rights, filed a suit against the U.S. Postal Service, Bonidy v. USPS for prohibiting the carry of firearms on Postal Service property.[22]

The post office gun ban was partially lifted in February 2014, as Senator Rand Paul and NAGR led the fight on Capitol Hill. The law now permits firearms in the parking lots, but the ban on firearms in Postal Service buildings remains. Senator Paul referenced NAGR's support for a complete repeal of the post office gun ban. [23]

In addition, during the McDonald v. Chicago Supreme Court case, an amicus brief, filed by the National Association for Gun Rights, was cited by the court prior to the victory for gun owners.[24]

In early 2010 NAGR and RMGO threatened legal action against Colorado State University over the right of students and faculty to legally carry a concealed firearm on campus.[25] CSU rescinded their gun ban in May of that year.[26]

National Association for Gun Rights PAC (NAGR-PAC)[edit]

The National Association for Gun Rights PAC (NAGR-PAC) is an affiliated, but Separate Segregated Fund (SSF) Political Action Committee registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Founded in 2010, it endorsed and donated to several candidates for Federal office, including Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.),[27] Sharron Angle(Nev. GOP nominee for U.S. Senate), Ken Buck (Colo. GOP nominee for U.S. Senate), and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).[28]

NAGR-PAC in the 2012 election cycle endorsed Richard Mourdock, who defeated Dick Lugar for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Indiana, with an initial contribution of $4,500 to his campaign,[29][30] Steve Daines, who ran a successful campaign for Montana’s at-large seat in the U.S. House of Representatives,[31] Steve Stockman who ran a successful campaign for Texas’s 36th Congressional District.[32] As of the most recent reporting NAGR-PAC spent $83,312 in election-related expenses during the 2012 election cycle.[33]

In the 2014 election cycle, NAGR-PAC has endorsed candidates throughout the country who returned their candidate survey 100% pro-gun. The organization will only support candidates who will go on the record for their support on Second Amendment issues. A Human Events article reported some of NAGR's 2014 endorsements, including Chris McDaniel (R-MS) ,Scott Renfroe (R-CO), Joe Miller (R-AK) and Mike Turner (R-OK).

Brown said of candidate, Mike Turner, "Turner meets all the qualifications of someone who will not only represent the beliefs and traditions of Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District, but will fight tooth and nail to champion those beliefs in Congress."[34]


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