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This article is about the National Athletic Basketball League formed in 2009 by Nathan Mumm and Joe Becerra.
National Athletic Basketball League (NABL)
Sport Basketball
Founded 2009
Inaugural season 2010
No. of teams 2010 6 teams - 2011 8-10 teams
Country  United States (6 teams)
Continent FIBA Americas (Americas)
Most recent champion(s) Portland Showtime (league title)
Official website

The National Athletic Basketball League (NABL) is a men's spring basketball league featuring teams from the West Coast.

The first season 2010 NABL Season Recap: The first regular season in the National Athletic Basketball League is officially complete and overall the league did a solid job in season one. The Seattle market has a new ownership group and look to make a great impact immediately with the Seattle Flight. The 'NABL All Star Weekend' event in Portland accomplished its goal of having the best players play in a mid season All Star Event. The talent level was incredible, the expansion will happen, but according to Compliance Director Nathan Mumm it will be done in short spurts as opposed to 20 teams in a month.


Founded by Courtyard Media Foundation, the league features NBA rules designed to create a league where the top players play before the NBA Summer League. This league was purchased by new ownership; a group of investors from the Portland area known as Productive Citizens Incorporated have purchased the league from its founder Nathan Mumm. Considered the driving force behind the 3 year old league, Mumm has shown great leadership to go along with his everlasting competitive spirit. The league has definitely progressed under his guidance. He is now ready to take on new endeavors and feels he has left the league in great hands with its new owners. The league has decided to honor Nathan Mumm by naming its championship trophy after him.

As this extremely intense, high scoring basketball league moves forward; the focus and purpose will be to provide a greater opportunity for players to sharpen their skills as they prepare for summer league play. There are currently six teams in the NABL: Portland Showtime, Salem Stampede, Seattle Aviators, Snohomish County Explosion, Tacoma Undertakers and the Tualatin Black Barons. Negotiations are currently underway with a team from Washington now; their goal is to add two more teams from both the Portland and Washington areas making it a 10 team league. Ownership will invest in the league by looking for new sponsors.

At this time ownership from Productive Citizens Incorporated (Ty White) has refused to answer phone calls from previous teams in the league. The league has defaulted back to Nathan Mumm and is under consideration of starting for the 2014 season.


Complete team list[edit]

2010 All Star Selections: *Voted Starters[edit]

Washington All Stars

  • Chris Weakley - Snohomish County Explosion
  • Shawn Wolter - Snohomish County Explosion
  • Jason Hicks - Snohomish County Explosion
  • Chris Keller - Seattle Mountaineers
  • Rashad Powell - Seattle Mountaineers

Jamaal Miller - Seattle Mountaineers Chris Ferguson - Snohomish County Explosion Brian Spielman - Seattle Mountaineers Nate Jackson - Tacoma Thunder Jason Stromvall - Tacoma Thunder Brandon Larrieu - Tacoma Thunder

Oregon All Stars

  • Chris Hoyt -Tualatin Rainmakers
  • Doug Lamb - Tualatin Rainmakers
  • Antone Jarrell - Salem Stampede
  • Mike Tabb - Salem Stampede
  • Mac Hopson - Portland Showtime

Villi Dorsainvil- Tualatin Rainmakers Terrance TwoTwo- Portland Showtime Dominic Waters - Portland Showtime Seth Tarver - Portland Showtime Jeremiah Dominguez - Salem Stampede Cameron Mitchell - Salem Stampede Jeff Dunn - Salem Stampede

Slam Dunk Contest Winner Shawn Wolter - Snohomish County Explosion

Three Point Contest Winner Jason Stromvall - Tacoma Thunder

2010 ALL STAR Game MVP Mac Hopson - Portland Showtime

League Awards[edit]

League Awards

2010 League Champions: Portland Showtime

2010 League Awards: Most Valuable Player of the Year: Mac Hopson- Portland Showtime Defensive Player of the Year: Mike Tabb- Salem Stampede Sixth Man of the Year: Chris Ferguson-Snohomish County Explosion Coach of the Year: Paul Kelly- Portland Showtime Executive of the Year: Joe Becerra- Salem Stampede

2010 Post Season Awards[edit]

First Team

  • F- 6’7” Cameron Mitchell– Salem Stampede
  • F- 6’6” Terrance TwoTwo- Portland Showtime
  • G- 6’6” Mike Tabb- SalemStampede
  • G- 6’3” Chris Weakley- SnohomishCounty Explosion
  • G- 6’3” Mac Hopson-Portland Showtime

Second Team

  • F- 6’7” AntoneJarrell- Salem Stampede
  • F- 6’6” Anthony Lackey- Portland Showtime
  • F- 6’5” Shawn Wolter-Snohomish CountyExplosion
  • G- 5’10” JasonHicks- Snohomish CountyExplosion
  • G- 6’1” Dominic Waters- Portland Showtime

Third Team

  • F- 6’9” VilliDorsainvil- Tualatin Rainmakers
  • F- 6’7” Willie Freeman- Salem Stampede
  • F- 6’5” Seth Tarver- Portland Showtime
  • G- 6’4” Jason Stromvall- Tacoma Thunder
  • G- 6’0” Nate Jackson- Tacoma Thunder

Most Valuable Player of the Year: Mac Hopson- Portland Showtime Defensive Player of the Year: Mike Tabb- Salem Stampede Sixth Man of the Year: Chris Ferguson-Snohomish County Explosion Coach of the Year: Paul Kelly- Portland Showtime Executive of the Year: Joe Becerra- Salem Stampede

Player of the Month Award: April 2010 Co-Players of the Month

  • Cameron Mitchell – Salem Stampede - 19.2 ppg, and 12.1 rpg.
  • Mac Hopson – Portland Showtime - 27.3 ppg, 9.1 assists and 7.3 rpg.

May 2010 Player of the Month

  • Jason Stromvall - Tacoma Thunder - 34 ppg, 14 rpg

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Notable people[edit]


  • Nathan Mumm - was the Director of Compliance and Commissioner before selling the League to Ty White. Since Ty was not able to make a full purchase the league now has defaulted back ownership to Nathan Mumm.
  • Ty White was unable to finish payments to purchase league ownership after one year as the Commissioner

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