National Basketball League (Czech Republic)

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For other organizations with a similar name, see National Basketball League (disambiguation) and NBL (disambiguation).
National Basketball League (NBL)
Matttoni NBL Logo.gif
Sport Basketball
No. of teams 13
Country Czech Republic Czech Republic
Continent European Union FIBA Europe
Official website Official Website

The Czech Republic National Basketball League (NBL) (in Czech: Národní Basketbalová Liga), also called the Mattoni NBL for sponsorship reasons, is the top level professional basketball league in the Czech Republic. The league operates under a promotion and relegation system. The bottom two NBL teams from each season's standings are relegated to the 1. Liga, while the top two 1. Liga teams from each season's standings are promoted to the NBL. The league is sponsored by Mattoni, a brand of mineral water.


2013 - 2014[edit]


The champion is determined in a playoff, with the bottom two teams getting sent to the 2. liga.

Year Winner Runner-up
1998–1999 Mlékárna Kunín Slavia Prague
1999–2000 Slavia Prague Opava
2000–2001 Slavia Prague Opava
2001–2002 Opava Mlékárna Kunín
2002–2003 Opava ČEZ Nymburk
2003–2004 ČEZ Nymburk Mlékárna Kunín
2004–2005 ČEZ Nymburk Mlékárna Kunín
2005–2006 ČEZ Nymburk Mlékárna Kunín
2006–2007 ČEZ Nymburk BK Prostějov
2007–2008 ČEZ Nymburk Geofin Nový Jičín
2008–2009 ČEZ Nymburk Geofin Nový Jičín
2009–2010 ČEZ Nymburk Prostějov
2010–2011 ČEZ Nymburk Prostějov
2011–2012 ČEZ Nymburk Prostějov
2012–2013 ČEZ Nymburk Prostějov
Club Titles Years Won
ČEZ Nymburk
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
2002, 2003
Slavia Prague
2000, 2001
Nový Jičín

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