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The National Book Foundation is an American nonprofit organization established "to raise the cultural appreciation of great writing in America".[1] Established 1989 by National Book Awards, Inc.,[2] the foundation is the administrator and sponsor of the National Book Awards, a changing set of literary awards inaugurated 1936 and continuous from 1950. It also organizes and sponsors public and educational programs.

To broaden its scope, the National Book Awards is establishing the National Book Foundation to administer its annual literary awards program and to develop programs to promote reading and literacy. The chairman of the National Book Awards, Al Silverman, said his group intended to take on "a more central and influential role in the literary, intellectual, and publishing life of this country."

The National Book Foundation's Board of Trustees comprises representatives of American literary institutions and the book industry. For example, in 2009 the Board included the President of the New York Public Library, the Chief Merchandising Officer of Barnes & Noble, the President/Publisher of Grove/Atlantic, Inc., and others.[3]

In addition to four National Book Awards to authors for particular books, the Foundation presents two lifetime awards to people, the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters and the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community.

The Foundation annually awards the Innovations in Reading Prize ($2500) to "individuals and institutions—or partnerships between the two—that have developed innovative means of creating and sustaining a lifelong love of reading."[4]

The Foundation's after-school program, BookUpNYC (sponsored by Bloomberg) "uses innovative approaches to encourage young people to read for pleasure."[5]


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