National Coalition Party Pro Patria

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National Coalition Party Pro Patria was an Estonian political party founded in 1992 and merged in 1995 into Pro Patria Union.

The National Coalition Party 'Pro Patria' was founded in September, 1992, as four electoral cartel partners merged:

  • Christian Democratic Party (Kristlik-demokraatlik Erakond)
  • Christian Democratic Union (Kristlik-Demokraatlik Liit)
  • Conservative People's Party (Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond),
  • Republicans' Coalition Party (Vabariiklaste Koonderakond),

The last three had left the National Coalition Party "Pro Patria" during 1994. In 1994, the dissident groups split and formed their own People's Party of Republicans and Conservatives.

Toivo Jürgenson was elected the first Chairman of the party. He served in this position till 1998 and later became Minister of Transportation and Communications.