National Congress Party of Afghanistan

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National Congress Party of Afghanistan
حزب ‏کنگره ملی افغانستان
Leader Abdul Latif Pedram
Founded 2004
Ideology Secularism[citation needed]
Liberalism[citation needed]
Colors Black and white
Seats in the House of the People
1 / 249
Seats in the House of Elders
0 / 102
Politics of Afghanistan
Political parties

The National Congress Party of Afghanistan (Persian: ‏حزب ‏کنگره ملی افغانستانHezb-e Kongrā-ye Mīllī-ye Afghānestān) is a liberal, secular,[citation needed] multi-ethnic political party in Afghanistan.[1][2] The party was formed in 2004 and, supported by Iran is the only major opposition party that is not linked to an armed group.[2] The leader of this party is Latīf Pedrām who was an opponent of the communist, Islamist and Taliban regimes. Pedram is also a critic of Hamid Karzai's government.[1] As the party leader, Pedram, was a candidate in Afghanistan's 2004 presidential election and received the fifth most votes. Unlike other political parties in Afghanistan, the National Congress of Afghanistan has remained firm and united.[3]

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