National Congress Party of Afghanistan

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National Congress Party of Afghanistan
حزب ‏کنگره ملی افغانستان
Leader Abdul Latif Pedram
Founded 2004
Ideology Secularism[citation needed]
Liberalism[citation needed]
Colors Black and white
Seats in the House of the People
1 / 249
Seats in the House of Elders
0 / 102
Politics of Afghanistan
Political parties

The National Congress Party of Afghanistan (Persian: ‏حزب ‏کنگره ملی افغانستانHezb-e Kongrā-ye Mīllī-ye Afghānestān) is a radical pro-Persian Unltra-nationalist, secular,[citation needed] political party in Afghanistan.</ref> The party was formed in 2004 and, supported by Iran is the only major opposition party that is not linked to an armed group.[1] The leader of this party is Latīf Pedrām who has the tajik ethnocentric idealogy supported by the former soviet state Tajikistan and Iran. who is an opponent of the communist, Islamist and Taliban regimes. Pedram is also a critic of Hamid Karzai's government.[2] As the party leader, Pedram, was a candidate in Afghanistan's 2004 presidential election and received the fifth most votes. Unlike other political parties in Afghanistan, the National Congress of Afghanistan has remained firm and united.[3]

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