National Congress of the Canaries

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National Congress of the Canaries
Congreso Nacional de Canarias (CNC)
Leader Antonio Cubillo
Founder Canary Islands Independence Movement (MPAIAC)
Founded 1985 (1985)
Newspaper El Guanche
Ideology Canarian nationalism,
Election symbol
National Congress of the Canaries logo.png

National Congress of the Canaries (Spanish: Congreso Nacional de Canarias; CNC) is a separatist political party in the Canary Islands, Spain.

It supports independence for the Canary Islands. The CNC was founded in 1986 by Antonio Cubillo, former general secretary of MPAIAC, after Cubillo returned from Algiers, where he lived.[1]

CNC achieved representation in a municipal council of the Canary Islands only once, in the 1987 elections. It won 819 votes (6.47%) in the municipality of Arrecife (Lanzarote) and won one seat. In 1991 CNC made a coalition with FREPIC-AWAÑAK under the name "Coalición Canarias por la Independencia". However, the CNC obtained less votes than when it had gone to the elections on its own. Presently it doesn't take part in the electoral process of the Canary Islands and it shows few signs of political activity.

The CNC's symbol consists of Berber letter "Z",[2] reflecting Antonio Cubillo's policy of "reverting to Berber roots." However as the polls show, few Canarians support the history of violent actions of Antonio Cubillo's movement.[3]

The youth wing of the National Congress of the Canaries became the group that is today known as Azarug. In 1992 Azarug split from the CNC party and initiated its own course. Finally in January 2009 the National Congress of the Canaries formed a new youth section under the name Juventudes del Congreso Nacional de Canarias (JCNC).[4]

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