National Day Parade, 2010

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National Day Parade 2010
NDP2010 Logo.jpg
Organiser HQ Armour
Chairperson: Colonel Benedict Lim
Venue Padang, Singapore
Theme Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag
Event Chronology
NE Show 1 10 July 2010
NE Show 2 17 July 2010
NE Show 3 24 July 2010
Preview 31 July 2010
Actual 9 August 2010
Parade Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Lek Seng Khoon
Theme song Song for Singapore (Corrinne May)

The National Day Parade 2010 (aka NDP 2010) was a national ceremony held on 9 August 2010 at the Padang[1][2] to commemorate Singapore's 45th year of independence.


The NDP 2010 logo depicts the five stars of the Singapore flag in their original ensemble as seen on the flag. The shooting motion that accompanies the stars, meanwhile, resembles the movement of the crescent moon in the national flag. The use of brushstrokes gives it a light, elegant feel, and depicts a sense of flight, of aspirations and of hope.[3]


The theme for NDP 2010, Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag, captures Singaporeans collective hope for a better future and expresses pride for the nation.

The slogan ties in with how activities related to 2010's National Day will be framed along the lines of encouraging Singaporeans to articulate their dreams and to fly the flag. It also sits with how the parade Show takes its inspiration from the national flag.[4]


As in previous years, Singaporeans have to e-ballot to obtain tickets for the preview and parade. Applications for e-balloting were made through SMS, telephone, the Internet, and self-service automated payment machines such as "AXS" or SingPost's Self-service Automated Machines ("SAM").

Tickets application were open from 15 to 24 May 2010. Applicants chose to apply for tickets to the preview parade on 31 Jul 10 or actual parade on 9 Aug 10.[5]

Fun Totes[edit]

The NDP 10 Funpack, dubbed as Fun Totes, comes in seven designs. The Fun Totes was designed by several local designers.[6]

Most of the items in the Fun Totes was contained neatly in a Fun Box, which itself functions as a national heritage game.

Theme song[edit]

Main article: Song for Singapore

The official theme song of NDP 2010, entitled Song For Singapore, was sung by a local singer, Corrinne May.[7] The lyrics of the song were also written by her. A dance version of the theme song, was sung by Singapore Idols Sezairi Sezali and Sylvia Ratonel during the Parade & Ceremony after the Prime Minister took his seat at the Padang.

Parade and ceremony participants[edit]

Presidential Gun Salute

Aerial Flypast

Mobile Column

  • Mobile Column Commander: LTC Albert Fox

Participating Vehicles


  • 1725 hrs - Pre-parade
  • 1810 hrs - Parade & Ceremony
  • 1904 hrs - Mobile Column and Flypast
  • 1922 hrs - Show
  • 2010 hrs - One Voice 2010 (Pledge and National Anthem)
  • 2015 hrs - WOW!, followed by the Post Parade Show

All times indicated are Singapore Standard Time.


  • Venue highlights include:
    • Recycled aggregates were used to harden the Padang field to allow it to withstand up to 1 tonne per square metre.
    • Construction of 17 support towers for three LED screens and other lighting equipment.
  • Show highlights[8] include:
    • 360-degree view of the fireworks display, which the fireworks was fired from nine locations, including Padang, the Esplanade, on the rooftop of City Hall, UOB Plaza 1 and 2, Maybank Tower, Ritz Cartlon, Pan Pacific Hotel and Suntec City.[9]
    • Digital projection against the City Hall.
    • Human LCD formation by the Combined Schools Choirs
    • Sing along to a YouTube-style video of Stand Up for Singapore.
    • One Voice 2010 - Reciting the Singapore National Pledge and singing Majulah Singapura at 2010hrs (SST). This was the second consecutive year for the mass pledge-taking and mass anthem singing. A chime sounded 20 seconds prior to the start of One Voice 2010 over the island-wide Public Warning System on 9 August to invite Singaporeans island-wide to join in.[10]


There were celebrations in the heartlands which was held concurrently with the Parade.[11] The areas include:

The celebrations were carnival-styled, filled with performances, activities, pyrotechnics displays and fireworks. They were also the venues where the Mobile Column passed through after the Padang drivepast.


For the first time, NDP 2010 was recorded in 3D.[12] However, it was not broadcast in 3D. Instead, for the first time in local television history, the 'live' telecast of the parade was in True High Definition and 5.1 Surround Sound on MediaCorp HD5.[13]

Television channels[edit]

As a national event, the parade was broadcast 'live' from 5:30pm to 8:30pm (SST) across MediaCorp channels which included Channel 5, HD5, Channel 8, Channel U, Suria, Vasantham, okto and Channel NewsAsia International.[14] The commentary on Channel 5, HD5, Channel NewsAsia and okto was in English, Channels 8 and U in Mandarin, Suria in Malay and Vasantham in Tamil.


MediaCorp Radio stations covered the parade 'live' over 938LIVE, Capital 95.8FM, Warna 94.2FM and Oli 96.8FM in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil respectively.


'Live' webcast was also available on the official NDP website, MediaCorp NDP webpage and Channel NewsAsia Live.

Outdoor Digital Media[edit]

'Live' screenings of the parade was available on the outdoor digital screens managed by MediaCorp at ION Orchard and Orchard Central malls. Digital media screens managed by SPH MediaBoxOffice in 313@Somerset and HDB Hub also screened the parade 'live'.


'Live' telecast of the parade and celebrations were also available at selected heartlands, SAFRA clubhouses and Resorts World Sentosa.


The national flag displayed underneath a window

During the celebration period (1 July to 30 September), residents are encouraged to hang the national flag outside their homes. The national flag are also allowed to be flown outside government buildings and private properties.

However, hanging flags on vehicles was prohibited at all times. In recent years, the Singapore Government allowed mini flags to be flown on commercial and private vehicles. In 2006, 10,000 taxis and 2,500 buses from ComfortDelGro (Citycab, Comfort Taxi and SBS Transit) were selected to fly a mini version of the nation's flag on it.[15] In 2010, SMRT Corporation displays flags at some 100 locations at all its offices, train stations, bus interchanges, as well as on SMRT taxis and buses and staff private vehicles.[16] Private vehicles are also allowed to fly mini flags or put stickers or decals featuring the nation's flag on their vehicles. Clip-on flags for vehicles were distributed widely this year.[17]

In 2008, the rules for displaying the flag are further relaxed. The national flag now may be displayed on clothes and costumes during the period of National Day celebrations. Decals, stickers, posters or other visual images of the flag may also be displayed freely. The only requirement is the flag must be treated with respect at all times.[18]

As the theme for 2010's NDP is Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag, there has been a jump in sales for the national flag.[19]

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