National Democratic Alliance (Italy)

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The National Democratic Alliance (Italian: Alleanza Democratica Nazionale, ADN) was a short-lived liberal Italian political party.

It was formed in March 1953 by disgruntled members of the Italian Liberal Party, who did not agree with the new electoral law approved by the Parliament with the support of their party.[1] Its leaders were Epicarmo Corbino and Giuseppe Nitti. Also non-Liberals joined: Raffaele Terranova, a Christian Democrat, Franco Antonicelli, an ex-Republican, and Andrea Finocchiaro Aprile, former leader of the Sicilian Independentist Movement.

The party won 0.4% of the votes in the 1953 general election and soon after was disbanded, but it obtained its goal: thanks to ADN, the coalition of Alcide De Gasperi was stopped at an incredible 49.9%, not reaching the majority required by the electoral law to gain the superbonus of two thirds of the House's seats.[1]


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