National Democratic Union (Italy)

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The National Democratic Union (in Italian: Unione Democratica Nazionale) was a coalition of parties for the 1946 general election, formed basically by the Italian Liberal Party, the Labour Democratic Party and some other liberal, conservative and monarchist parties. Its symbol was an Italian flag overcome by a brilliant star.

The party scored 6.8%, placing itself at the fourth place in the election. This grouping, during the sessions of the Constituent Assembly, represented the continuation of the Liberal elite which governed Italy from the years of Giovanni Giolitti until the rise of Benito Mussolini and the instauration of the Fascist regime.

Between those who were elected on UDN list, it is to remember Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Francesco Saverio Nitti, Luigi Einaudi, Benedetto Croce, Enrico De Nicola, Gaetano Martino, Giuseppe Paratore, Ivanoe Bonomi, Raffaele De Caro, Meuccio Ruini, Enrico Molè, Bruno Villabruna, Epicarmo Corbino and Aldo Bozzi.