National Federation of Community Broadcasters

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The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) is a national membership organization of community-oriented, non-commercial radio stations, producers, and other organizations and individuals committed to community radio in the United States.

Large and small, rural and urban, eclectic or targeted toward specific communities, the member stations are distinguished by their commitment to localism and community participation and support.

Community radio stations are reliant on listener contributions for support. In addition, many are funded through Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) grant programs. CPB funds represent about 15% of the larger stations' budgets, but often can represent up to 40% of the budget of the smallest rural stations.

Volunteer of the Year Award[edit]

Since 1999, the federation has presented the Volunteer of the Year Award, which "honors a station volunteer who has provided extraordinary service over a significant period of time to the station and the community."[1]


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